Rose Alchemy Healing

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"IMAGE-in that which you ultimately desire!"
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Elemental Yoga
Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Movement, Mala, Meditation & More! 



Sunday, November 29th

10:30 - 12:00pm

Sat Nam Spirit Center

2050 Yavapai Dr., Suite 3A

Sedona, Arizona 86336

$15 prepay

$20 at the door

We create and enter into sacred space!

Come drink from the well of your own internal wisdom! Be strengthened and deepen into your inner psyche and devotion through meditation, movement, mantra and more! 

Ground, Focus & Center, Let go of stress, Lighten your load, deepen into self-nurturance, Improve your self-care and self-love.  Develop a personal Sadhana practice, Adopt a calm disposition Cultivate Kindness, Connect to Earth, Air, Fire Water & Spirit! Energizing and clearing affirmations, Toning, Mantra, and Movement. Deep relaxing gong bath.


“These classes are amaaazing! What a way to zen out while beating the heat. I have learned so much from Angela, she teaches how to be more in tune with the elements and the body. How to release the chaos and drama of the world to reveal our true state which is peace and stillness. All levels are welcome to join. The classes are donation-based, give what you can. I also bring a donation (totally optional!) for the shop as well, Infinite Finds is non-profit helping senior citizens. Join us!” K. Long. Cave Creek, AZ

"WOW!“ That was an AMAZING!! What an incredible journey/sound bath/kundalini infused GIFT! Angela blends knowledge, a beautiful singing voice, freedom & power into a truly transformative experience" M. Robledo, Arizona

"I am wowed! Angela is amazing and brings absolute clarity to my internal questions. What a beautiful experience. I feel completely rejuvenated!" A. Anderson, Canada

"That was the most amazing opportunity to bring clarity into my life. I feel like a whole new person! Thank you, Angela, for the way you explained everything and how you presented us with a space to do some much needed internal work. I am honored to have spent the time with you and want to tell you what a great teacher you are. Truly!"  C. Thomas, New York

"Angela is the best yoga instructor I have ever experienced. I have been to thousands of yoga classes and spiritual workshops and have never left feeling as good as I did today. I cannot believe the clarity I feel in my head and body. I highly recommend Angela and wish for anyone seeking to feel renewed to take the chance to sit with Angela. She is a gift to the world!" P. Nichols, Arizona

"Never have I ever been so moved by a yoga class. It was far more than just yoga. Angela brings a level of comfort and love to a circle that is rare. She is a gem. I am wowed! The gong was beyond anything I have ever felt and Angela's songs are mystic and angelic in nature. Beautiful and time well spent." S. Shuman, Canada

"The time with Angela was the most serene and genuinely wonderful time I have ever had, especially considering I am an avid yoga junky. I cannot recommend Angela's classes enough. I didn't want it to be over." T. Hannigan, Arizona

"Angela you are such a special human being. Thank you for the care and consideration you showed me and my partner today! Thank you for the sage and the shell. Thank you for the warmth and heartfelt communication. Thank you for spending the extra time to answer our questions. I am still in awe of what happened in my body. My Hunny loved it as well. He was hesitant and was so glad we took your class. We appreciated your singing so much and wish we lived closer so we could have that in our lives all the time. I hope you continue to share your beautiful gifts with the world for many more years to come and that you touch other's lives as you have touched ours. Blessing to you in all that you do. I feel changed forever because of our time with you. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am." M. Maxwell, Las Vegas

"That was an incredible "Yoga class!" It was so much more than just yoga. Angela has a way of making intentions come alive and dreams that seemed way off to come into the present time. Thank you, Angela, for a renewed sense of grace and hope!" G. Galvin, BC. Canada