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"IMAGE-in that which you ultimately desire!"

Elemental Yoga Training & Certification

Fusing Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Fundamentals 

3 Day Ceremonial & Ritual Immersion

October 30th - November 1st

Sedona, Arizona

10am - 7pm

(on the land, in the water and in the studio)

January 29-31st

While fusing Elemental Majesty, Kundalini Yoga and Self Healing Practices you'll learn the fundamentals of bringing your spiritual practices into form, for personal and professional use.  

You'll receive two - 1 hour Sessions for clarity and mission building to open and close the space with Angela's personal and private mentoring. 

You will:

learn to "be in your body", to ground, focus & center, let go of stress and lighten your load

deepen into self-nurturance and begin to improve your self-care and self-love  

develop a personal Sadhana practice

will activate a calm disposition and cultivate kindness

connect to the Earth Elemental Majesty  - Earth, Air, Fire Water & Spirit!

learn energizing and clearing affirmations

Toning - Vocality

Mantra for many purposes

and the importance of Movement

fall in love with the deep relaxation of a gong bath to calm your nervous system.

We will also touch on:

Ritual & Ceremony

Ritual Dress, Vestments & Presence

Creating Safe and Beautiful Space for yourself and others!

Accessing Higher Guidance 

Protection and Psychic Hygiene

Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

Mala Practice




Clearing & Cleansing

Self Care, Self Love & Self Nurturance

Ho'oponono Forgiveness & Healing

Contrast vs Clarity

Creating your Mission

Taking Action from Divine Guidance

Valuing Your Time & Energy

Being Seen & Heard

Medicine Chants

Sound Healing

Honoring the past Stepping into the Future

Personal Mentoring with Angela 

Being Witnessed

Unique Offer

Brand Ambassador Program


Purchase a minimum of 3 items Clothing or Skin Care

by September 30th for this special offer!

Spend a minimum of $199 on yourself to participate in the class.

*Allow two weeks shipping and handling 

Rose Alchemy Healing

Lounge Wear

Rose Alchemy Healing

Ritual Boutique Skin Care

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Or if you don't want to participate as a Brand Ambassador 

JOIN for $399

*Must be Registered by October 25th

Once you Register you will be sent further information about the location of the training and what to bring. This training is in Sedona Arizona. Lodging is not included.

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Class Feedback

"Angela holds a plethora of information. I was not only able to feel more secure in my own abilities and talents but was able to develop a strong personal and professional ambition. I am moving forward with a secure foundation in my own Elemental Connection and practices, to hold space for my own deeper healing and to create safe space for others." 

S. Harris,. California