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"IMAGE-in that which you ultimately desire!"
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Heart Nectar Dance is a free form movement journey, held in a safe and sacred container, & facilitated by Angela Jeane Rose Heart.

​It's is a place where we can be our unique selves, and also feel connected to a common source and join in community.

We will begin in a large circle to briefly connect our hearts, set intentions, and meet one another. The meditative music will begin slowly and raise to a crescendo. The music will bring us back and we will end in our circle.

Please feel safe to pre-pay and register if you are healthy, vibrant & alive, and experiencing wellness.


*Everyone must fill out a waiver to attend.

About Angela

Angela Jeanne Rose Heart is a Certified Professional Life Coach, KRI Certified Kundalini Teacher, Reiki Master and the author of, "Self Care Rituals to Heal the Heart & Womb." She is also a Certified Toastmaster, Minister, and Elemental Priestess. With over 12 years of spiritual mentoring and motivational speaking, Angela holds a rich background of Somatic Healing. She works with generational wounding, stress, and releasing trauma. She is a Songstress, Sound Healer, and Facilitator of Retreats, Workshops & Events. Her Sacred Offerings give potent, intentional, and deliberate tools for creating what you want in your life. Angela carries Medicine Chants that she shares in ceremonies and rituals. Her voice and teachings will touch your heart and soul.