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"IMAGE-in that which you ultimately desire!"

Magdelene Gathering
"Sacred Self Healing"

September 10th, 11th and 12th

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NOW taking pre-registrations!

Retrieve healing waters!

Breathe fresh mountain air!

Connect to your highest guidance!

Share with community of sacred sistars!

Release the past and step into the bright future!

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Space for 10

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Angela Jeanne Rose Heart

Rose Alchemy Healing Ministry

Magdelene Gatherings are for initiates on the path. The intention is to bring mystics and seekers together to promote unity and transformation. The essence of these gatherings is ritualistic and ceremonial in nature. Deep reverence, introspection and temple space is kept throughout. Honoring, witnessing and observing silence is requested of each participant. Everyone is invited to take self responsibility and to listen to their body's needs as the day progresses. There is time for sharing during the breaks. Integration and grounding is completed at the end of the day. When choosing to participate, take this direction into consideration. As we heal ourselves we heal the planet! 

If you cannot attend, consider emailing your prayers to​  to be read allowed.

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Rose Alchemy Healing Ministry.

Magdelene Gatherings

What is a Magdelene Priestess or Temple Keeper?

Mag de lene = Magic of Light

As a Magdelene you work with the light through frequency and sound. The Light is 'seeded' within you. Magdelenes see and seed the light in others.

When Mary Magdalene continued teaching after the resurrection of her beloved Yeshua, she and many other members of the Essene community established themselves first in the land of Gaul (Paris, France) and later, together with other members of the community, she moved to Avalon in the UK (modern Glastonbury). She named her ministry 'The Way of Love'. Thus, Mary Magdalene's image is on the stained glass of many gnostic churches all over Europe.

A Modern-day Magdelene is someone who is a holder of light and has compassion and empathy for all life and all people. She / He is someone who is learning more and more to live from their heart.

A Magdelene is someone who honors all life and all paths and sees the inter-connectedness of everything.

A Magdelene is someone who has evolved enough in their journey to do their own inner work to clear their own faulty beliefs and look within to see what trauma is there and what needs to be healed. 

A Magdelene is also someone who is beginning to look inside to discover that the answers lie within them and the journey to experiencing and realizing divinity starts within.

To unfold your path and awareness as a Magdelene, it is to first be willing to be more attuned to your intuition and inner guidance and learn to follow it; this is your inner guidance system.

Know that as present-day Magdelene, you are here now because you have a piece to share or peace to share- something uniquely needed by the whole because of you and through you.

How do you know if you are a Magdelene? This writing and much more will reveal itself to you and you will have an inner knowing.

If you are called to this path and have more questions email me at