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Medicine Chants

These Medicine Chants have come to me over the years! I share them ALL from my heart. They are raw and real. Learn them! Love them! Share them with others in sacred circle.

Some of the songs are very odd harmonies and it is recorded in the way I heard them singing to me... My only request is to give credit to the artist whenever you share these songs for the energy of reciprocity!

"Beyond the Veils: Medicine of the Grandmothers"

a collection of many Medicine Chants. Songs for clearing,

finding beauty and deepening into devotion. 

"Fae & Friends: Songs from the Wise Ones"

a compilation of elemental and ceremonial devotional chants dedicated to

help you soften into meditation.

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Angela Jeanne Rose Heart

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FREE Download

FREE Download

Coming Soon!

"Mystic Moon: Restoring the Mother Lineage" 

for deepening into Ceremonial Menstruation. Find re-connection with the cycles of the moon, the tides, your fertility, inner radiance, and personal power - as a womb carrier!

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Angela Jeanne Rose Heart

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