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Dear amazing woman!


I am eager to have a conversation with you on my newly announced, Rose Oracle Podcast. I am so grateful for you and your powerful work! 

I have selected several days and times to record. Please use the scheduler above. If you do not see a time slot that works for you, please email me at

*I will call you! Please be ready 10 - 15 minutes before our time, grounded and present with something to drink. It is a good idea to eat something of sustenance before our time together, to calm your senses. If on the day of our call you do not feel ready, I am happy to reschedule. 


Please use headphones with a microphone so the sound is clear. It is best if there is no background noise, other people, or animals who may want to interrupt.


Our conversation will be 60 minutes, on the phone, with no video. If you can talk on the phone (with good coverage) then we should be good! 

*Please fill out the form below*

Also, send me your Bio via email, as soon as possible. 

With a warm heart,


Rose Oracle Podcast Guest:

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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