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Boundaries are beautiful~

By: Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

The feminine is the matrix of creation. This truth is something profound and elemental, and every woman knows it, is in the cells of her body, in her instinctual depths; out of the substance of her very being life comes forth.

She can conceive and give birth, participating in the greatest mystery of bringing a soul into life. And yet we have forgotten, or been denied, the depths of this mystery, of how the divine light of the soul creates a body in the womb of a woman, and how the mother shares in this wonder, giving her own blood, her own body, to what will be born. Our culture’s focus on a disembodied, transcendent God has left women bereft, denying them the sacredness of this simple mystery of divine love.

What we do not realize is that this patriarchal denial affects not only every woman, but also life itself.  When we deny the divine mystery of the feminine we also deny something fundamental to life.  We separate life from its sacred core, from the matrix that nourishes all of creation.  We cut our world off from the source that alone can heal, nourish and transform it.  The same sacred source that gave birth to each of us is needed to give meaning to our life, to nourish it with what is real, and to reveal to us the mystery, the divine purpose to being alive.

Because humanity has a central function in the whole of creation, what we deny to ourself we deny to all of life.  In denying the feminine her sacred power and purpose we have impoverished life in ways we do not understand.  We have denied life its sacred source of meaning and divine purpose, which was understood by the ancient Priestesses. 

We now believe, that fertility rites and other ceremonies belonged only for the need of procreation or a successful harvest. In our contemporary culture we cannot understand how a deeper mystery was enacted, one that consciously connected life to its source in the inner worlds, a source that held the wholeness of life as an embodiment of the divine, allowing the wonder of the divine to be present in every moment.

It may be that the days of the Priestesses, their temples and ceremonies are over, and because the wisdom of the feminine was not written down, but transmitted orally, this sacred knowledge is lost. We cannot reclaim the past, but we can witness a world without her presence, a world which we exploit for greed and power, which we rape and pollute without real concern.  We can begin the work of welcoming Her back, through the reconnecting with the divine, which is at the core of creation, learning once again, how to work with the sacred principles of life. Without the intercession of the divine feminine we will remain in this physical and spiritual wasteland we have created, passing on to our children a diseased and desecrated world.

The choice is simple. 

Can we remember the wholeness that is within us, the wholeness that unites spirit and matter?  Or will we continue walking down this road that has abandoned the divine feminine, that has cut women off from their sacred power and knowledge? 

If we choose the former we can begin to reclaim the world, not with masculine plans, but with the wisdom of the feminine, the wisdom that belongs to life itself.  If we choose the latter we may attempt some surface solutions with new technology.  We may combat global warming and pollution with scientific plans. But, there will be no real change. A world that is not connected to its soul cannot heal. Without the participation of the divine feminine nothing new can be born.

So, it is our duty to rise and stake claim and begin to make boundaries based on what is sacred, based on truth, coming from a heart of love!

Boundaries are in ever sense of the word drawing lines or creating space with the intent, whether conscious or unconscious, to feel comfortable and secure. One must engage their inner will and fundamental value of their own body, mind and spirit. Often, when you have soft boundaries or no boundaries at all, people will push into your space. If you do not have enough clarity of boundaries you will be taken advantage of. If you are too accepting you may become victim to circumstances that you will not enjoy, as is the case in practically everyones life under the patriarchy.

We have been been preyed upon in every way. The false matrix has stolen our energy, falsified claims of our existence and swayed us to believe that we are not able to take care of ourselves. The pharmaceutical industry, the agriculture industry and the food and drug administration are several good examples to glean from in the way of survival vs thrival energy. We have given away our innate nature and connection to medicine and food; actually our energy and choice has been slowly taken from us. When you take back your power, in theses few areas, surrounding the basics of life, what you ingest and consume you will begin to awaken.

People will begin to awaken once they become aware of what they eat, what they drink, who they put themselves around, what they watch, what they listen to, what you interact with etc. It is also vital to look at the "traditions" you are apart of... ancestral traumas are trapped in the name of tradition.

Change comes through boundaries making! Create boundaries for your health. Your spiritual, mental and physical health depend on good, healthy boundaries. The 'powers that be," the 1%, would have us believe that we don't need boundaries, when the opposite is true. Reclaiming what is rightfully ours and staking claim to our birth right of clean water, clean air and clean food is one massive step to taking our power back.

The divine feminine is aware of the indifference and apathy in the collective consciousness. We can no longer be weak in our approach to living clean and healthy lives. We can no longer walk blindly, drinking tap water. We must open our eyes to the greater truth and awaken others to live wholey unto ourselves. We must become awake and aware and make choices for the protection of our innate nature, connecting back to the rhythms and cycles of the Earth. We must fall in love with Mother Nature again.

Even though it feels like we are living on a hijacked airplane, there is a calling, one of a spiritual nature. This message stirs the spirit of our being and calls us to back to center so that we might live according to divine law, natural law! Many are hearing this call. Many are awakening to a larger karmic picture and a day of reckoning is coming. The divine feminine is rising to balance out the over whelming energy of the overlording masculine. We are entering a space of union of self. Priestess of old were working with the magik, in the temples of Isis.

Many of us are aware of this energy and so, we have aligned in this time, to be here to transmute and transform these imbalances and to work with ourselves to bring right alignment and balance which will in-turn create right reflection. This isn't easy work. I say often, this inner alchemy isn't for the weak. It is often very painful.

As we hold unconditional love and strong boundaries the interwoven majesty of all creation emanates in its glory and the light of the ONE is illuminated! May we each step in to the fire and burn off that which no longer serves, for the good of all.


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