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Brigid, Briget Transmission

Communing with Brigid this morning, the Bridger between worlds!

Brigid or Briget was a woman known in pre Christian Ireland. Also long known as The Mistress of the Mantle.

Imbolc or the beginning of February was celebrated in her honor.

Brigit was the Abbess of the first convent in Ireland, and after her death, a perpetual flame was kept in her honour. Brigid is associated with perpetual, sacred flames, such as the one maintained by 19 nuns at her sanctuary in Kildare, Ireland.

The tradition of female priestesses tending sacred, naturally occurring eternal flames is a feature of ancient Indo-European pre-Christian spirituality. Other examples include the Roman goddess Vesta, and other hearth-goddesses, such as Hestia.

Brigid the Goddess of eternal flame,

I kindle this candle to cure us of pain.

Bring us to center by thy holy flame!

Oh, Brigid the Goddess who knows us by name!

Song to Brigid: (given on this day -received this day)

Kildare Fire Temple. Right – Brigid’s Light at Solas Bhride.

Light a candle in honor of Brigid to burn as a beacon of hope, justice and peace for our world.

Before you light the candle, enter into darkness, stillness, beyond time, beyond space. Waiting and listening, until you are filled with that mysterious presence that reaches the depths within.

Brigid referred to as Bride, Bridey, Brighid, Brigit, Briggidda, Brigantia.

Brigid is the traditional patroness of healing, poetry and smithcraft, which are all practical and inspired wisdom.

As a solar deity Her attributes are light, inspiration and all skills associated with fire. Although She might not be identified with the physical Sun, She is certainly the benefactress of inner healing and vital energy.

The shrine at Kildare is assumed to be a Christian survival of an ancient college of vestal priestesses who were trained and then scattered throughout the land to tend sacred wells, groves, caves and hills.

The word, Kildare, comes from ‘Cill Dara’, the Church of the Oak.

Legend claims Brigid was the midwife of Mary, mother of Jesus.


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