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Brigids Cross

Brigid was known as the Mary of the Gael, the Gaelic people, Druids, the old religion. The Gaelic people of Ireland and Scotland were intricately connected to the land and celebrated the Goddess of the Harvest and the return of light. They honored and celebrated the Sidhe, the Fae, the mound people, spirits of nature.

To “take the veil” was to marry yourself to prayer and service.

Brigid married the enemy thus hoping to bring peace; his is known as the Bride to Bres. Similar, to the Romeo and Juliet story.

Irish tradition brings the idea of offsetting sickness and invoking good luck on the occupants of the house in which the Brigid’s cross is hung.

Interestingly, Brigid’s cross was used to convert so called “pagans” to Christianity. In other words, it was used against them.

The Church is not our friend. They purposefully took the people’s holy days and covertly switched them to Christian holidays.

We have been deeply deceived over the centuries.


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