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“I want.”

Perhaps the most powerful phrase of all phrases.

wanting, desire, craving, hunger, longing, turning, hankering...

Wanting is different than wishing, it has more energy behind it.

It’s a creation energetic. It comes from imagining and often from not having.

Where does it come from?

It can come from envy. It can come from jealousy. It can come from covetousness.

It can come from a picture... a memory, a smell, a sensation of arousal.

It can be felt in the heart, the loins. It can feel really motivating and pure and it can also feel like a shadow energy and dark.

Desire is a human emotion none the less. How are using the energy of wanting to create a better world? Are we using our imaginations to improve things in an ethical way with moral honesty or are we devising a plan of human evolution that is quite sick and twisted?

Science can be seen as a way to improve our lives and of course we see how science has a strange and seemingly evil plan.

I’m concerned about the future of our children.

We’re being poisoned, chemically altered and more than ever people are normalizing the most insane science even for children.

I am for Wholistic Wholeness and attempting to live as educated as possible about a wide range of topics. Often we get complacent and don’t want to look at the “odd topics” because they are disturbing. It can be challenging to witness the obviously bizarre and even evil projects taking place before our eyes. Once we see we can take right action from an internally centered and moral place.

I believe there’s an under current of normalization and sensationalization of the most insane things right now. It’s deeply upsetting to the psyche. But when we know, with out a shadow of a doubt, what we value and we we hold as self evident we can stand for what is humane. It is through right action, a sound mind and an understanding of our blue print that we can hold our innate beauty and sacredness as Truth!

And when we see, hear and feel distortions it’s important to speak our truth about these topics and to stand in our values and integrity. Today, more than ever I feel this is my mission!

I desire for us to live in our blueprint!

I will speak, act and stand for Truth for the Next 7 Generations.


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