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Feminine Reverence - Women's Only Spaces

I often have flashes or imaginations when I lay in bed or on the grass in a park. One of my favorites is when I find myself in a place and time where I am high up on a beautiful - expansive overlook, where I am wearing a cream dress with a burgundy and mint green fabric that over hangs my arm. I feel warm and completely at ease. I believe this was a lifetime where “Feminine Reverence” was honored. to be an all female, matriarchal lifetime. I crave the sensation of safety and serenity when I flash to those moments in my minds eye, like you cannot believe.

A matriarchy is a society in which females, especially mothers, have the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property. There is no male run aspect or business where women or girls are exploited.

I arrived in a woman only space for the first time in 2012, and I wept. I had the most mystical life changing experience. So, thereafter, I chose briefly, to live in a community that consecrated women’s only space. Yes, all female sacred space. I adored my short time there. The women I met are some of my dearest and most beloved Sistars. Though it is challenging to put into words, anytime I’d enter into a women’s only sanctuary area I experienced such joy and glorious rapture. It felt absolutely amazing and magical.

In a short time, it became somewhat common for me to be able to be with only women, all the time, if I wanted. I loved sharing space with women and held it as super special in my whole being. It was like a dream... a dream I didn’t know could come true. Those few years, of THIS current lifetime, in that women’s only shared space, is an absolutely cherished memory.

Once you walk over the threshold of women only space something gently lets go in your neurology and a sense of calm comes over you. There is an immediate reverence and trust that arrives with a depth of companionship and care.

If you are a woman, and you have never experienced women only space, I can share from my experience, it is absolutely glorious! It feels like the best nostalgia coming into reality. There was peace, beauty and a feeling of absolute safety. I had not felt this feeling ever in my whole life... but, I had quietly wished for it.

I have only recently realized how, in truth, I mourn the feelings shared in women’s only space. Now there are few willing to preserve what I speak of.

As I write I am compelled to share that this is not the case with that cherished community any longer. They are not consecrating women’s only space like they were. I give them silent credit for time they were even when I had not seen the whole spectrum of chaos there.

Being new in a community you can often go in thinking everything is fabulous and great when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. It is so sad.

We are humans and we have flaws as well as hurts that have run amuck for lifetimes. I pray for healing from many many moons and generations of suffering.


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