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I am a holder of Shakti Devi

New paradigm possibility...

I was taught my feminine shakti is profound and powerful.

I was taught that within my essence holds all of life.

I was taught how all life comes from the feminine.

I was taught how the feminine can hold a child in Her body.

I was taught how I can feed that child from my own breast.

I was shown the magik and the wonder of the feminine body.

I honor my gentle tissues and cherish the natural ways of my cycle and flow.

I deepen into the truth that my body holds water inside my womb.

I can bring forth a new soul onto this Earth plane.

I am wowed by this. Truly wowed!

A holy child actually enters the Earth plane in a deeply sacred way.

A human enters peaceful space where the deep feminine mysteries, connected to all human’s innate nature are deeply honored.

I provide this for myself and my child with ease!

I am revered and cherished.

I am a holder of Shakti Devi!

The prima materia is within me~

I was in my grandmothers body, when my mother was in her mother’s body.

I carry the mtDNA of the mother lineage...

I recognize and behold the majesty and fertility of being a girl, a Maiden, a Mother, a Queen and a Crone, here and Now!

I look into the mirror and see Her!

I am Her.

I am Woman!

I am a womb carrier!

I am She who cycles with the Moon!

I am She who honors her blood!

I am a fierce dragon.

I am a gentle lamb.

I walk in dignity and courage.

I am fully safe!

May this remind us all of life’s infinite beauty and mystery.

May this help us all remember our already free and interconnected nature within the Womb of Gaia!

Written by:

Angela Jeanne Rose Heart

Oct 2nd 2018


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