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In response to the call for PANIC

I do not believe in arousing fear and panic. I don't find those energies useful. Fear, worry and panic are quite unhealthy.

In fact, the arousal of fear, worry and panic drives people into violent behavior, penetrating into the psyche inviting the flight or fight response. Thus, invoking adrenaline and cortisol which, over time, brings intense inflammatory hormonal response.

In the over-arching emotions that drive people forward in healthy ways, I believe imagination and innovation from personal empowerment, promoted by education, cultivates inward change that can then be reflected outwardly. It is these principles I teach and will live my life promoting! I dedicate my legacy to living from the Heart!

We need to get to the heart of the people...

“Only from the heart can you reach the sky. The Rose of Glory can grow only from the heart.” ~Rumi

The prescription needed is clear insight, open and wide eyed people, healthy and wholistic living... driven by a love for ourselves, one another and the ALIVE planet on which we live, move and have our being.

A specific frequency activation is needed. What does that look like?

I can say without any doubt it will not come from fear...though fear often can be a driving factor of social change. The shift we are looking for must come from within. It must come from an empowered direction of massive energy promoted by a direct knowing that LOVE is the most powerful force of all.

Each of us must establish and ground in your own unique daily embodiment and loving practices and reflect those principles outward in our daily actions.

Each of us must establish life practices, explorations, and practical tasks for activating the repressed or imbalanced aspects of the self.

Each of us must clear and create safe containers for expanding our boundaries and facing our fears.

Each of us must adjust and refine our habitualized patterns.

Each of us must dive deep into the depths of the psyche and deal with our shadow,

Each of us must establish and connect deeply to our direct connection to Source.

This requires an up-leveling of vertical alignment and a discontinuing of horizontal harvesting.

This requires a heightened awareness and mindfulness of any attempt of being victimized or when you are being harvested.

Be vigilant my friends!


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