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Shedding the Shadow Self & the Cutting of Chords

Shedding the Shadow Self & the Cutting of Chords

Full Moon Weekend August 24th & 25th Saturday Ceremony 9am - 5pm

Enter into elemental medicine ceremony surrounded by the Red Rocks in sacred Sedona with Anthony J Rodriguez, Walking Crow and myself!

● Gather in Circle

● Be witnessed, Seen and Heard

● Sing in Spirits

● Serpent Teaching

● Shedding the Old

● Cutting Chords

● Birthing Anew

● Movement

● Journaling/ Reflection

● Flute Journey

● Chakra Warm Up/ Chi Grading

● Releasement/ Fire Ceremony

● Anointing/Water Ceremony

● Gong Bath/Sound Healing

● Drumming

● Sharing

● Sing the Spirits Home

$200 for the day or $350 for two nights

at the Red Agave Resort

Deposit of $100 holds your spot (Non Refundable)

ONLY 10 people

Must be paid in full by August 15th




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