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The Forgetting Program

If you dare peak under your eye covering, you may see the many droves of people injured by the vaccine propaganda machine. Lazily, many rest in the weariness of their own self subscribed suffering. Working at jobs that provide a home, daycare and genetically modified "food," ample amounts of Americans wake everyday to an early alarm. They, brush their teeth with fluorinated toothpaste, drink down their $8 Starbucks, drop their kids off at the Public Fool's system and make their way to a job they love to loath. Millions have convinced themselves to toil for a fraudulent monetary system, that rules their life, all to sustain their livelihood. There, they cast away dreams of a future worthy of their soul's mission. Some, do elevate beyond mediocre by attaching themselves to the popular trends perpetuated by the countless consumption and consumerism programs. Unconsciously craving that which is toxic, they do not even notice the crazy chem-trails and geo-engineered sky, nor the radiated emissions flooding their system perpetuated by the scientists who are backed by gorilla globalists. No! They, are asleep to any organic sensations of love or natural, free radical scavengers. Instead, they allow their doctors to inject their babies with chemicals that harm and feast on meats from in-humane and horrifying farms, never bearing their feet to the very planet they live on! Fully unconscious of what it is to be self reliant or sovereign they are apart of the ever prevalent "Forgetting program."


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