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The Re-Collection Of what Is Sacred

This imagery shared in this chapter is from a vision I received. It is not light in nature. I see it as a wake up call.

As I recall and re-collect the mysteries of the ancestors through dreaming and ceremony, visions come to me through accurate Sistar reflection in conversation.

I see the ways we’ve lost ourselves and how the grand scheme seems to always divide and conquer, stealing our identities and the Sacred material of our divine birth rights. Now we are losing our water, the elements, the food and the sky. Everything is being poisoned. We are in an extinction program. A Cyborg reality is upon us.

It has become super evident to me that the most important mystery is soon to be one of the most controversial. We are about to lose the womb. Over the many hundreds of years we have lost what is most Sacred to us: Women’s Medicine of First Blood, the Waters of the Womb and the Womb Carrier’s Blood Gates.

Women are hospitalized and emergency procedures are performed as regular birth. What was Sacred and wholesome is now seen as a drugged and chemically induced experience with co-opting, fast moving doctors who disengage from the right brain dreaming feminine and engage left brain logic “time is of the essence” surgery timeline. We are losing the open timeliness of the womb.

When we re-collect that which is Sacred to us and honor it and give it back to the Mother we connect through time in spaciousness of the deep feminine.

I am speaking to womb blood and birth blood as the prima materia. These Sacred essences show us through the Women what to do and how to dream and what action to take. These essences are not seen as Sacred anymore to the average person. Yet we see that scientists use the human embryo cell to create vaccines and food flavor testing. We must wake from this nightmare to re-claim and re-member we are sacred!

A deep memory and honoring of First Woman must to begin to happen or we will loose our memory of Her, sooner than later!

We must remember that without a Woman’s egg and Her womb (and a man's seed) none of us would be here. Without a womb no human comes forth onto this plane. Without a woman with a womb life ceases to exist. The deepest mystery is Womb Wisdom and the Womb Centric teachings of First Woman!

The hawk messenger come to me often. Hawks shows me the future, and asks me to speak what I see.

For some reason it isn’t important to people to deeply honor the Mother. It is seemingly more important, in today's climate, to protect those who wish they were born biologically female.

This has rocked my entire world... to think we could lose the connection to our deepest truth....that we all come from inside the darkness of our mother’s body, inside her waters

The timing of the womb initiates a spectacular timing of beauty. We are experiencing full loss of this kind of time. We are experiencing full memory loss. We may forget where and what is most Sacred, very soon. And when we do, there will be a scientist waiting to deliver a disconnected human form without a soul attached to a computer within a gelatin substance.

I speak these words as a Hawk would scry a warning: Be aware of the science and the forgetting of the most sacred. If you do not honor what is sacred the human genome as we know it will be gone and the cyborg human will be walking on the, poisoned land, witnessing dark skies and a chemically treated, toxic Earth.

It is vital to dis engage from the forgetting program that brings amnesia and to sit on the ground in spaciousness to listen to the ancestors speak to us the Truth of the Earth.


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