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Waking up Brave

In the context of winners and loosers I have found the triumphant are always the ones who are the most brave.

Brave: ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

When it comes to our ever changing world it seems the ones who have truly been known throughout history have not sat idol. Instead they forged a path knowlingly against the grain in order to bring change.

Lately I have found myself wanting to stay in bed a little longer. I have honestly felt a bit depressed not wanting to face the triggers of the political dialog nor the onset of irritation that comes from even seeing what’s in the nonsensical news. It’s not that I don’t care, quite the contrary, I just cannot emotionally deal with it all of it some days. It gets to be exhausting seeing what is going on “out there.”

For several years now I have been endeavoring to deepen into myself which meant creating time for self care, self nurturnace and self love. I began taking more baths, sometimes spending hours going deep into the water elementals asking for clarity and cleasning of my soul. I also used this time for masking my face and caring for my body because my nervouse system was being met with so much anxiety and angst. I had to take self responsibility for my own feelings. Afterall, no one was going to take care of me, if I didn’t.

I’ve spent alot of time contemplating my own sanity. I have even pondered trying an anti depressent. But my issues are not going to be fixed with a pharmeceutical. For me this emotional upset isn’t anything a walk in nature, sitting by a lake or creek, putting away the computer or cellphone or even simply pouring a glass of orange juice or better yet making a healthy smoothie, can’t fix. I don’t watch TV so that isn’t the issue. It’s all the rhetoric of the false media machine in general. They pit us agaisnt each other pn ourpose through hegelian dialectic.

Recently I’ve been listening to tones to work with my brain and to lift my spirits. I’m all about tools. Taking self responsibility means finding actual methods to subdue yourself and your nervouse system and to raise your own vibration and obviosly to feel good.

I recently read that happiness comes from giving to yourself. I pondered that for quite a while. That statement is very much different than the cultural content we are taught. “Hapiness comes from giving to yourself.” Ok. Well, if that’s true, I’m going to test it. Then a friend made a post on his wall, “what makes you feel significant?” I felt like something clicked. I knew the answer... I feel significant, as an Aquarius, when I am giving back and when I feel like I’m making a difference. So, if I put those two together I realize that I personally feel the best when I feel significant and that feeds me. WOW! It really is all about feeling...

With these new epiphanies and a new found wonder I wake feeling brave. What can I do today that will give to myself and help me feel significant? It takes courage to aknowlege this in myself. Am I ready to endure the possible dangers of sharing with the world the evidence of what’s really going on. Am I able to be bold and to forge against the grain of “normalcy” and the mediocre meanderings of the general asleep public? I wake wanting and desiring to inspire people to WAKE UP! I wake ready to arm myself with knowlege and power! I am feeling excitement for two projects: Beyond Vegan and Wholistic Wholeness. I am feeling goal oriented again. Why? Because I found tools to help me pick myself up and raise my own vibration.

I’m not looking outside myself for a savior or someone to come rescue me. I’m doing the work to heal aspects of myself that I havn’t wanted to look at or that have been damn hard to deal with. Just like you, I am struggling with feelings of upset, sadness and hopelessness with the veils of deception seemingly so heavy on us. But I’m not giving up. I‘m waking up brave!


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