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What a Diff'Rence a Day Makes

Instead of making New Years Resolutions I have mottos -

I AM statements that empower me and frame the intentions I hold!

“I take care of myself first!” “I live for the thrill of my bliss!” “I AM very EXTRA!” “I AM a Published Author with Hay House!”  “I AM the Author of several books!” “I educate, inspire and motivate change!”  “I AM living ALL OUT!”  “I don’t hold back!”  “I wait for no one!”


When you create I AM statements, the key is to use words that help you feel really really good when you read them and say them! I like to use I am Statements as a mantra or positive Bio Feedback to activate in my conscious field for 11 minutes everyday as a Sadhana practice!

Perhaps these will inspire you to do the same or something similar. If so, please share them with me. I'd love to know how this idea impacts you!


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