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"IMAGE-in that which you ultimately desire!"

About Angela

Angela Jeanne Rose Heart is the author of the book, "Self Care Rituals to Heal the Heart & Womb." Angela is a powerful mentor and motivational speaker! She has hosted a plethora of Workshops & Events. As a Mother, Temple Keeper, Elemental Priestess, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Private Mentor, and Wholistic Health & Wellness Life Coach. Angela's Offerings give potent intentional and deliberate tools for creating what you want in your life.

As a Web Designer, Social Media Manager, Networker, Event Coordinator, Brand Ambassador, and Creator of a multitude of projects, Angela is a Beloved in the global community as a new paradigm leader! Her passion is to assist in the awakening of the collective consciousness through the elemental connection to what is real, our Mother Earth!

As a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Angela's legacy is dedicated to assisting seekers on their journey to connect to their own wholistic health & wholeness! Angela created "Elemental Yoga" fusing her ceremonial and ritual experience w/ Kundalini Yoga kriyas, mantra, movement, and a Sonic Sound Bath & Shamanic Journey!

Angela is the Founder and Creatrix of the recently birthed Rose Alchemy Healing; a ministry to assist us in the great remembering of who and what we truly are! Offering a conscious collection of tools for the spiritual seeker to connect deeply to their mind, body & spirit through a centered, grounded - reunification with the divine source of all.

With over 12 years of spiritual mentoring and motivational speaking, Angela holds a rich background of Somatic Healing. She works with generational wounding, stress, and releasing trauma. She is a Songstress, Sound Healer, and Facilitator of Retreats, Workshops & Events. Her Sacred Offerings give potent, intentional, and deliberate tools for creating what you want in your life. Angela carries Medicine Chants that she shares in ceremonies and rituals. Her voice and teachings will touch your heart and soul.

"IMAGE-IN that which you ultimately desire!"   
Angela Jeanne Rose Heart

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