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Zaida Devi 2017

Terra Maria Rose 2016

Magdelene Story

This story is a small piece of my awakening to my sacred purpose as a Ceremonialist, Temple Keeper, Womb Carrier, and Elemental Priestess. I cannot fully explain the occurrences that happened as they are too mystical for long-winded explanations. I share this with other mystics who have ears to hear and hearts to hold this in a sacred context. This is my experience...


In 2012, I was apart of a gathering with 18 other amazing women, in Ashland Oregon. We were strangers forming a bond, coming together under very auspicious conditions. In a small, stunning home temple we gathered on the weekend of a powerful planetary convergence. That weekend, my life was forever changed!

Upon entering the space and stepping through the curtain serving as a veil I felt as though I had moved into another dimension. I found my place to sit in the circle. With a pure heart - ready to receive without expectation, I sat in deep reverence as Ave Maria played through the speakers.


After a moment of listening to one of the most enchanting versions of Ave Maria I had ever heard, a mysterious all-loving mother's voice entered my entire being. I shuttered with Her presence as she encompassed every cell. 

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She spoke to me audibly. "I know you. I have always known you. I am in your name." I gasped and then wept and flailed myself in the women's lap next to me.


My given name is Angela Jeanne,

Mother of Jessica Jeanne

Daughter of Lisa Jeanne

Grand Daughter of Juanita Alene

Great Grand Daughter of May and a lineage of several others Marys. 


I have at least 7 generations of the Magdelene sound current flowing through my Mother's lineage. I have held this in secret and have only shared with a few close dear hearts. 

That weekend was like a dream. It was magical and many metaphysical changes happend in my body. I was initiated into ancient teachings, and Priestessing which seemd like a long distant memory. I also experienced psilocybin, an oracular transmission and serpent dancing.


In ancient times initiates entered the temple to be trained as living embodiments of the Goddesses for the community we served. In modern times we are re-initiating the sacred through the gateways of self initiation. 

In 2009, I had many occurances of finding dead owls. I am self taught in how to deal with their medicine. Being very "girly girl" I was not excited about doing this. I have grown and matured from dealing with death. Owl medicine has been profound and terrible all in the same breath. Owl is medicine of the west. I have had to learn to walk through darkness and to seek the light and serve as a beacon. Without the darkness a candle cannot be seen. 


In 2016, I came across 3 dead owls at once traveling to my parents home knowing my Nanna and Grandma were pasing.  Then in January of 2021 my dad passed away. I now understand the meaning of why there were 3 owls. I kept their wings and buried their bodies under a cedar tree in my parents yard. I have had over 20 owls come to me since 2009. I have often given them back to the soil, gifted them to others or kept the wings for my own stewarding. 

I became a serpant keeper in 2013. Zaida Devi came to me magically after a women's circle where I had been activated once again by serpent medcine. In 2016, I became the keeper to another serpant, Terra Maria Rose. Both of my girls were not pets but temple serpents used in ceremony. I kept them until I moved to be with my parents when my dad was undergoing cancer treatments. At that time I felt compelled to re-home them. 

I embody these two power animals and hold their wisdom close. Owl and serpent are not shamanic medicines to play around with. Serpent and owl are both tough energetically to work with. I often see what others won't see, don't want to see or cannot see. I often find things out that I would rather not know. Because of the medicine I receive keen insights and forsight. I will receive a whole body knowing that comes over me, often through visionary and oracular events.

Being a Priestess isn't all fun and games. It is a deeply challenging "title" and lifestyle. The initiations into the great mystery are profound, emotional and grueling. This path isn't for the weary. Quite often I question, "what did I signed up for?"

I love being a Priestess, primarily because I love being of service as well as being in a devotional space dedicated to assisting others into deepening into a path of mystery, beauty and grace!

More to come...

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