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In this book, Self Care Rituals to Heal Your Heart and Womb, I write about women having a connection to the moon, the cycles of nature, bleeding and ceremonial menstruation and how women bring forth life from their wombs!  I speak to this in a biological and physiological way that is easy quite easy to understand. This isn’t a fluffy book of lotions and potions. It’s raw and real - women’s medicine, to help purge and purify, draw boundaries, deepen into yourself and deliberately clear your conscious field!

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Trapped in a society regarding Pharmaceutical companies as heroes, is a generation of children screaming, as their body's shut down and their heads swell from heavy metal poisoning. "EXEMPT - Vaccine Truths You Were Never Told" is a treasure trove of statistics regarding vaccine ingredients, mixed up with human cell lines, aborted fetal tissue, and animal bi-products. Wrapped up to display the warped science of today and yesteryear, this timely book uncovers the devastating effects facing anyone and everyone who injects their body with these morbid and possibly mandated substances, playing Russian roulette with their very lives. 

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Shrouded in the mystery of the "ritual Abrahamic penile program," lies the ever-present cutting of perfectly precious neonatal skin of the masculine. Deep within this old testament, a religious covenant, masks the intention to elevate certain men, shame women, block the natural sexual energy of males and invoke psychological, neurological and irrevocable damage of a baby boy's brain.

In light of my findings, I was overwhelmed, compelling me to write, sharing the imperative truth of what infant males face, upon entering the 3D Earth plane. 

"Welcome to 3D Earth: Circ'd Upon Entry" is inspired largely, by my own uncovering, of the massive lies perpetrated on the American people. It is sourced from hours and hours of reading the research of professional medical journals, published papers and articles.

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