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Heart & Womb Union Meditation - A FREE GIFT

A tender, clearing, cleansing, nourishing, and sanctifying meditation for Women to create & cultivate the connection between their heart & womb.

It is best to listen to the Rose Alchemy Healing Meditations with headphones. 

Reflections and Feedback:


"Angela's lovely soft and nurturing voice offers safety and serenity in order to do deep personal work on one's own body, mind & spirit. I was touched at the lightness and clarity I felt when the meditation was complete. This is a fabulous download that I will keep in my iTunes for my personal practice."

S. Nelson., AZ

"I loved this Angela. I often feel disconnected from my body and this time gave me a moment to re-connect. I downloaded it into my iTunes so I can listen to it all the time as a part of my practices." 

A. Bonneville., AZ

"Oh was a sweet surprise! Your voice is so wonderful and calming. Thank you, sweetheart. You are a true gift to the world."

S. Anderson., NV

"Angela you are bestowed with a beautiful feminine grace. You are a rare gem in a sea of chaos. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share this space with you. Your voice is a calming peace to my crazy world. I cannot thank you enough. Please make more meditations. I could listen to you speak all the time. It calms me so deeply." 

R. Rodriguez., NM

"Listening to these meditations is a testament to your powerful work."

C. Cameron., CA. 

"I really loved your meditations, Angela. Thank you for this gift! I will share them with my women's group. I would love it if you'd make more. I would pay for regular meditations and perhaps others would as well. Also, my mother really enjoyed the Chakra Meditation. She suffers from sleep apnea She said she fell into a deep deep sleep while listening to it. "

A. Markins., AZ

"Angela you are such a lovely woman. I truly loved this offering and wish you'd make many more meditations. What a blessing it is to know you and to receive this lovely gift. Thank you!"  

M. Morrison., WA

"I could tell that my body is much more clear after listening to the Chakra Mediation. The Heart and Womb Union Meditation was so beautiful. Very touching offerings."

S. Roberts., OR

"I loved them both. Make more! I will add them to my phone so I can listen to them while traveling. You should definitely record more often. Your voice is so calming."

R. Thomas., CA

"Oh my goodness Angela, WOW! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a delight to receive such an enchanting gift from you. Ever since my husband passed I have felt so disconnected. I often wander deep out into space and feel like I could leave my body to be with him. This was so wonderful and helpful. Would you consider creating a meditation for feeling the presence of angels? Your voice is like a soothing salve for my soul. You are an angel."

M. Tompkins., AZ

"The chakra meditation is so great for imagining myself clear and vibrant with mindfulness and using the imagination. Id love to see you create some meditations for children." 

S. Johansen., Connecticut


"I added these to my daily ritual. The chakra meditation and color visualization were so good. Very healing. So clearing. I've been doing it every day this week and I love it. So calming. Thanks, Angela! What a nice addition to your already full offering list. If you make more send them over and I will share them with my following." 

J. Dooring., CA

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