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Are you "going through it"?

Use contrast (the things you don't like) to gain a ton of insight and find clarity?


Our lives are shaped by our thoughts and attitudes, beliefs, and values. We can only see what we are consciously aware of. We won't see what's hindering us because the core of our "issues" resides in the unconscious.

By looking at incongruences in our lives, we can discover deep truths

about ourselves, shift patterns and move through uncomfortable moments.


Receive On Going Support Today! 


90 minute Session

SALE $100 - (normally $188)

4 - 90 Minute Sessions $400

(must pay upfront)

Angela helps people in the following areas:

Overall productivity, starting a new business, discovering life goals, taking back one's personal power and purpose, releasing limiting beliefs, and much more!


I help people figure out what matters to them...what they care about and why! I help people connect to their highest ideals and values! I bring structure, discipline, inspiration and motivation!

On-Going Mentorship is often needed for daily routine and goal setting, intention to manifestation exercises, personal discipline, and weekly accountability.

From there, we work together to conceptualize your greatest desires.

* * * *

I will listen to your story and hold compassionate and caring space. We will identify your beliefs and core values which will help you align with your purpose and live with more peace and confidence.


What are you waiting for? 


Accept yourself!

See clearly who and what you are!

Forgive Yourself!

Own and use your sensitivity!

Step into your personal power!

Set goals, Intentions, and create a Vision Board!

Manifest in Gratitude!

If not coaching or mentoring

then perhaps a ceremony?

 Elemental Connection Ceremony

My work is to help people reset and reboot the mind using deep inquiry and affirming methods. I work with people to break old patterns and to create new beliefs that will dramatically shift your reality. 

This work is a gift to yourself! It is not for the weary!

One must be willing to take self-responsibility and to develop a keen ability into self-inquiry. 


One must be ready to take on their own healing as an endeavor and a desire to work directly with their own soul to deepen into the essence of presence through Self Care, Self Love and Self Nurturance.

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Angela Jeanne Rose Hear

4 week Sessions

 Client Feedback:

"Angela's caring, comprehensive, and compassionate Coaching will touch your heart and cause a catalyzing shift in your life!  Angela made me feel special and listened to my deepest inner worries and fears." 

- H. Jones., California


"Angela assists people in a variety of ways including the uncovering of unconscious languaging, shattering old belief systems, finding stuck energy in their "pain body "and working to bring remedy into the physical body. Angela's work develops a safe space for in-depth discussion and discovery so I could receive emotional relief and recover lost parts of  myself from childhood trauma."   

- A.  Martin., Arizona

"I highly recommend Angela's Coaching Services. She was beyond amazing, compassionate, loving, and lazor focussed at getting to the root of my issue. I cannot say enough about the presence she gave me and the homework she assigned - taking a bath and calming down. I had worked myself up so much that I couldn't even see what was right in front of me. Clearly, I had not been taking care of myself. I was a wreck. I was in such a hopeful space after only 30 minutes! Angela is an amazing woman and a true gem!"  

-S. Smith


"I wanted to thank you so much. You have had a very profound influence on this dynamic here. I have found a new place to live and am very excited about it with a community, gardens, potlucks, children and its off the grid. It is what I have been seeking. I cannot change another I can only change myself. You are a very gifted fair witness, problem solver, and kind-atrix!"

-Z. Madrone., Oregon


"I am amazed at the knowledge that Angela holds! I have had many years of therapy and they couldn't do for me what Angela did in just one hour! I took notes and listened carefully. Angela asked questions and we got into my sh*t fast. I was totally comfortable. I can't even believe the shifts I made after just one session!"

- R. Walker., Arizona


"I've been so depressed. Then I came across your videos and decided to connect with you. The way you clearly outlines what was going on with me was nothing short of miraculous. I could not believe how you could share with me exactly what was going on in my life after looking at my star chart and hearing me speak about my life for only about 5 minutes. You not only concluded that I had deep-seeded wounds from my Elementary Years you helped me see how to shift my beliefs about it. Within minutes it was like someone relieved me of 20 years of pain and sorrow. I was always picked on and you identified my hurt and told me I didn't accept pain anymore. I could let that all go and learn to be who I really am. I am learning to be who that woman is every day. Thank you for your compassion and care! I was not in a good place. I do not know what I would have done without talking with you. I was so done. I feel a renewed desire to be alive." 

-J. Brownings., Arizona


"I have been wanting to get a Session with you. It was so amazing to speak with you, finally. Four Sessions wasn't enough! I have shifted so much. I am so grateful I gave myself this gift. Thank you for creating a resume for me. I know that I will soon have a job that it much better for me." K. Riggins. 


*UPDATE  "Angela!!!! I got a NEW job! They said my resume was really well laid out was one of the best they had ever seen. I guess it made me look like I had my crap! I'm so not good at that kind of thing. Thank you!"

-K. Riggins., Arizona



"Angela you give the best council! I cannot thank you enough."

-M. Wheatley., Arizona



"I cannot believe how much my life has changed since our first conversation. I went from being a lost soul to finding a new job and now am getting married to the love of my life!"

-T. Hogan., Oregon



"Angela, that Session was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much! I am still buzzing..."

F. Harrison., California



"Angela, I am so happy and grateful for your influence in my life! Your understanding of energy and the way you explain things is just incredible. You held so much empathy and compassion for me. You didn't judge me. You showed so much love for my situation. I am forever changed! I cannot thank you enough for our Sessions."

- S. Reese., Arizona



"Angela held such sacred space for my deep and dark past! She is an incredible Priestess. I feel like I was held in the arms of an Angel My path has been illuminated. I truly feel changed and my life now has meaning."

- M. Smith., Canada



"For anyone seeking guidance I highly suggest working with Angela! I cannot even begin to thank her for the weight lifted from my heart after having four Sessions with her! I learned so much about how to deal with my emotions and thoughts that were overwhelming me. My asthma is better because of the Kundalini techniques she shared with me. I can breathe again."

- P. Moen., Arizona



"The exercise you gave me already has helped so much switch the energy in my head. It’s like closing one book and opening another. Thanks so much for being you and doing this with me. I’m digging deeper into all these things that have been like thorns in my feet and I’ve just been walking with them anyways. It feels good to positively affirm myself and the change I seek. I affirmed everything (like you taught me) and it totally worked. It’s been very magical how fast everything has shifted.”

- T. Florence., Illinois



"You stayed present with me longer than anyone ever has in my whole life. People always tell me I'm crazy. But you affirmed that I am amazing and creative and unique. Thank you for helping me feel so good about myself." 

- D. Thompson., Arizona



"I was struggling so hard. Angela helped me pull myself from the gutter. After our session, I felt so amazing! The homework was a bit challenging to do but once I did it and the kriya I was shocked at how clear I felt. Sometimes life can be so draining and you gave me hope! You are a very special intuitive counselor."

- A. Mason., Arizona



"Thank you for your beautiful wisdom sister! You are highly intuitive and your sessions have given me a feeling of clarity just by looking at all the stuff coming up, I was able to see "that which I am not!" You helped me see those things as messengers so I could draw the things I DO want to me like a magnet. It's already working and I'm pretty much blown away."

-C. Hogan., Oregon

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