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Mindfulness & Somatic Therapy

Awareness, & Relaxation Sessions

It is widely known that the human body holds on to experiences and emotions. Traumatic events or unresolved emotional issues can become 'trapped' inside."


Somatic therapy and mindfulness exercises can assist with calming the mind, body & spirit as well as discharging stress, tension and trauma.

Somatic Therapy helps us to experience the present moment through our bodies and release any emotions or stories that we might be hanging onto. Mindfulness & Somatic therapy is a powerful tool for promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing overall well-being. 


In person or Online:

 Arrive at a beautiful, clean studio (or your Air BnB) set up just for you! 

Via Zoom, Set a special nest for yourself.

Make some warm tea or have water to drink. 

We will begin with an Elemental Ceremony, and then move into a relaxing Drum Journey with several medicine chants, then move into a guided mindfulness journey. 

You will sit in a comfortable chair or lay on a yoga mat and blanket or a massage table and be “transported to another dimension” through a meditative and restful experience.

The Session can be tailored according to your needs. 

90 minute Session

Cost: $188 per person

*Group discount w/ 5+ people. 


Available via Zoom,

In person - at a Yoga Studio or in your Air BnB

Groups, couples, or single appointments are available!

Angela Jeanne Rose Heart


"Angela was amazing. I’ve never done anything like this and didn’t know what to expect but Angela is so talented and incredibly relatable. I learned a great deal from our session and left feeling calm and at peace… which is a hard state for me to get to normally!" Katie, Phoenix AZ

“Angela was amazing! So hospitable and genuine. I learned how to tune in to the elements to help me deal with the little and big things in my life and I’ve already been able to access “the things that matter to me” and deal with anger and frustrations much better. I cannot thank you enough for being so present, warm and welcoming. The sound healing was exquisite! The gong took me on a pleasant journey that led me to a state of deep relaxation. I was completely blown away with our session. I highly recommend Angela’s Chakra Clearing, Gong Bath, & Drum Journey as one of the BEST sound experiences, hands down!” A. Chelsey, Wisconsin

"Amazing experience! Angela brought a great energy and guided us through it all. It was our first time trying this out but we were definitely comfortable. We will without a doubt book again next time we’re in town." Humberto, Gonzalez San Diego, CA. 

"Great experience! My session with Angela was so helpful. I was able to take the time to be introspective and work through some of the stressors impacting my daily life. A very refreshing and relaxing experience. Would definitely recommend." Stephanie, Kara, Cuba City, WI. 

"Angela exceeded our expectations. I enjoyed the moment and I learned new ways to help myself. I will definitely go back with her!" Annabelle, Houston Texas. 

"Angela is a beautiful soul who brings a warm and bright energy to her sound healing sessions. She’s down to earth and just pleasant to be around. Would certainly book another session with her!" Brian, Tucson AZ. 

"Angela is an insightful priestess who truly loves her work and has a soul passion for assisting the process of helping people through their healing journey! Her voice is majestic, her knowledge vast, her gifts are limitless. Will definitely seek her out again the next time we are in Sedona!"

Kelly, Wilmington, NC

"We had a glorious experience wit Angela. her voice is majestic. We both loved the entire session. So powerful and sweet!" Ada, Michigan 

"What a wonderful way to spend an evening with my family... under the stars with Angela drumming and singing and sharing. Thank you from our entire family for such a memorable night!" Rob, Oregon. 


“Prepare to be relaxed like never before. Angela made me feel so comfortable and relaxed from the get go, I was able to let go and go on a journey. This experience was the perfect way to close my Sedona trip!”  H. De La Rosa, Massachusetts

“If peace, love, light and hope sound good to you or if you're looking for a unique journey, you'll find it with Angela. Relaxed and feeling refreshed; that's how I'm still feeling six hours after my session with Angela. She's welcoming, has a gentle heart and a sweet voice. The whole experience was presented in a spiritual and professional manner. The gong wash? Lay back and enjoy the ride.” J. Reifman, Phoenix, Arizona


"I would recommend Angela for anyone who is wanting to release the past and step into their future. Sound Healing through her Drum Journey, Gong Bath & Sonic Sound is an excellent way to do that and Angela has what it takes to take you to your next level, she's personable, knowledgable and enjoys what she does. Thank you, Angela, it was a wonderful experience for my present time." Nancy J.  Lithonia, Georgia

"Angela has so much knowledge and compassion and made me feel completely safe, relaxed and comfortable. She has created her own sacred elemental blessing and clearing ceremony, combining learnings from Easy and West. I loved this sound bath experience and highly recommend it! I will return with my daughter." Debra, Las Vegas

"I felt so comfortable and intrigued by the sounds. I was able to deeply meditate and relax which was wonderful. Angela's voice is angelic and was a delight." M. Morgan, Arizona

"Thank you, Angela, for your beautiful Elemental Offering and Sound Healing experience. I was deeply touched by your attention to detail and the way you speak about the Earth. It was wonderful."

D. Dawson, Washington

"Beyond what I expected! Anyone seeking to take this Sound Journey will be so glad they did. I had an incredible vision and am still processing it. After my mother's death, I was dealing with so much sorrow. To have her come to me during your Sound Journey was a gift. Your voice was very comforting Angela, and helped me feel very warm and cared for in a certain special way. Life is such a mystery and with people like you here I feel like there is hope for humanity. I had been so hopeless for several months and now I have a new found sense of renewal. Thank you again for the loving, caring gong bath and for doing this kind of work." M. Galihad, Texas

"Never before have I enjoyed something so much. Angela, you are beyond gifted. Your heart is so full of love and we felt you took so much care for what you share. We feel enormously blessed to have spent time with you." H. Normad, Vancouver, BC.

"I am forever changed. A beautiful cougar came to me and showed me my path. She washed me in a creek and held me in the waters. It was absolutely life changing! Absolutely gorgeous Sound experience! And the Gong was celestial. Amazing!" A. Harrison, Arizona 

"Loved my session! I had a 1:1 experience and felt so welcomed by Angela. She also shared some great Sedona recommendations with me. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great, relaxing experience." Andrew, Los Angelas, CA. 

"My experience with Angela was AMAZING! I booked the sound bath meditation followed by a reiki session. Angela was friendly and very knowledgeable and put me at ease immediately. I have never felt more relaxed and serene as I did at the end. I highly recommend seeing Angela during your trip to Sedona." Molly, Sedona. AZ

"Angela is a wonderful sound healer and Kundalini yoga teacher. It was the perfect combination of yoga and deep healing with crystals, aromatherapy, crystal bowls, oracle cards and the gong, which Angela played in the most heavenly way. I feel light as a feather now! Thank you, Angela!!" Julie,  Prescott, AZ.

"What a terrific one-on-one 90- minute experience! An unexpected combination of seated yoga and then an immersive relaxation experience of sound and music. Otherworldly and uniquely well-suited to Sedona. An experience absolutely worth trying!"  Erika, Phoenix, AZ


"We had such a wonderful experience! It was just what we were looking for and exceeded our expectations! Angela is a treasure!" Ivy, Show Low, AZ.

"Lovely sound healing experience in a peaceful private & thoughtful space. Definitely recommend for relaxation, rejuvenation & introspection." Aissa, CA

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