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Elemental Connection
1 on 1 Spiritual Support

Sedona Healing

Elemental Connection Ceremony 

Land Experience
Clearing, Drumming & Medicine Chants

​Spend time in the energy of Sedona's gorgeous nature. Lay by the river/creek and be at peace!

Experience drumming and medicine chants to soften into more compassion, to see through the eyes of the heart.

Drop into listening, and internal inquiry & build belief in your intuition.

2 hour Session

Cost $255 per person

Elemental Connection Ceremony 

**River/Creek Ceremony**

Deep Elemental Clearing, Drumming, Medicine Chants

& Self-Initiated Ritual Cleanse

This incredible experience is a self-initiated water ritual designed to help you release and let go of what no longer serves you.


By immersing yourself in the river's flow, you may release emotional baggage, symbolically relinquish the past, and embark on a quest for spiritual clarity.


This practice fosters a profound connection with nature, encourages introspection, and often results in a sense of revitalization, both mentally and physically.  


A river cleanse offers a transformative journey, empowering individuals to embrace personal growth and approach life with a renewed perspective.


Empower yourself and take back your energy from whatever is holding you back.


Renew and rebirthed yourself into a new future.

2.5 Hour Session

Cost $288 (group ceremonies or private ceremony w/ witnesses)

Sedona Healing


Client Feedback:

"Angela, you offered such an exquisite space for my healing. Our time together in Sedona was like nothing I've ever experienced! You took me under your wing and our time together was absolutely unforgettable! My life is changed. I feel deeply touched by your words and sharing. Your work is deep and powerful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"  - S. Cheromata

"Angela is a radiant light in a world of so much ugliness. I am forever grateful for the time Angela and I spent together. She assisted me on my path of cultivating happiness again. She brought such a deep sense of wisdom and clarity to my process of healing!" - A. DeMarit

"I had such a powerful and transformative experience on the land with the wind, and the elements... this was the shift I was looking for! I cannot praise Angela's work enough."

- M. Wright

"The beauty of nature in Sedona and Ange'as creative offering brought me a new sense of peace. I was so relaxed and felt a child-like wonder after our session." - P. McGregor

"What a wonderful time I just spent with you, dear Angela. Thank you for such a precious afternoon. Your knowledge far exceeded my expectations. I felt so safe and connected and arrived home with renewed hope." - S. Harmon

"Ange'as work helped me reconnect to what really matters to me, what I truly care about. I have a clarity that I haven't experienced in years. I was mourning deeply at the loss of my life's work. I have a sense that everything is going to be ok and the heaviness I felt has lifted. Thank you, Angela. You are an Earth angel." - C. Corey

"After spending time with you I have tools and a theme to create my own daily rituals which I have implemented and already feel a better connection with myself and the world around me. I am grounded in reality and have a powerful knowing that I can create the life I dream of."

- K. Palmer

"I woke up and came to my senses during our session. Doing the same old thing, I was sick of feeling the way I felt. The time with you enabled me to make the changes I needed to align with my ideals and values. I matter! I am worth it! I am so glad I found you, Angela I can never thank you enough I hope we stay in contact because I want my daughter to meet you!"

- D. Montega

"What can I say? That was the most incredible experience laying on the ground and looking at the clouds while you sang and drummed, as I drifted away. Tears fell sweetly down my cheeks. Your voice radiates so much love. I felt my mother holding me. I loved my time with you and recommend it to everyone." - A. Christ

"What a beautiful evening with you. It was such a beautiful memorable experience. I loved every moment. Your thoughtfulness. The roses. The water blessing. Just beautiful." - K. Faith

"Truly one of the most incredible times I've ever had with a practitioner. Angela is so real and kind! Her thoughtfulness and love for what she offers really shines through. It was a lovely moment in time." - G. Morehead

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