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Elemental Connection

Connecting to both the Seen and Unseen worlds

It is my hope and prayer, that this very personal sharing, will help you explore the Earth elements and will assist you in deepening into a relationship as an 

Elemental Steward.


Connecting to your innate nature is a sacred act, one in which we have lost on many levels. My wish is for you to re-memeber who you are and for women to re-connect to their Mother lineage.  


Included in this Course are a few of my Medicine Chants, which I offer as a gift, to be shared in circle!

Elemental Connection is my most popular course. In this course, you will learn what it is to connect to the Earth's energy and to deeply dive into the curiosity of your innate nature!


Praise for the Course:

"This is lovely. Once again, exceptional spiritual work! Thank you for being who you are and for doing this work!” -N. Ali, PhD, New York


Course Cost: $150

Includes a 45 minutes Session

The course password will be emailed to you with the receipt when the payment has been accepted. Download the file in the email for the course password. 

The Password for this Course will be emailed to you when the payment has been accepted.

Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.


Covered in this Course:


Module 1:

Creating an Altar

Module 2:

Connecting to the Body

Module 3:

Being in your Beauty

Module 4:

Connecting to the Seasons

Module 5:

Sovereignty and Psychic Hygiene

Module 6:

Water Prayer

Module 7:

Medicine Chants

Praise for the Course:

"Angela's wisdom shared in this course is fundamental and grounded in sacred Earth principles. Her medicine chants are exquisite."

-M. White., Arizona. 

"You've outdone yourself with this Elemental Connection course, sweet Angela. I am sharing the songs and teachings with my ladies group."

-D. McDonald., Oregon

"This course has shifted my thinking in profound ways. Thank you for your deep soul-nourishing medicine. I was touched with your sharing and was able to reflect deeply on how I can implement these teachings into my life. Today I woke from a dream of an ancient woman sharing insights with me. I believe that woman was you, Angela." 

-J. Valente., California

"Angela! Yes! I am so grateful for this course. You have such a beautiful way of getting right to the heart of things in such a feminine and kind way. I so appreciate your tenderness and gifts that you share so beautiful and from the heart. I am working on memorizing the medicine songs in these videos because I want to learn them and sing them to my girls. I feel a sweet shift within me and I am so glad you are offering this material."

-S. Johansen., Oregon

"From a very young age, my life has felt like it is not my own. I am touched by the words you shared and about having an experience of my own. I felt this was a turning point in the Course where you shared how important it is to tune into my own medicine because it is much different and unique than anyone elses. Thank you! I feel this is a gift to the world and will suggest it to my friends." 

-M. Giles., Connecticut

"What a beautiful course. I enjoyed it immensely. I especially enjoyed your medicine chants. I find that I am singing them now as I drive and walk places. My daughter really liked the songs as well."

-V. Harris., New Jersey

"Before I get ready every day I am lighting a candle and making small rituals because of your encouragement to make every day sacred. I cannot wait for you to make another Course. I love the way you share your wisdom."

-D. Garret., California

"As a mother, I am wowed by this beautiful course. I believe we need to pass down these kinds of teachings to our children. It seems like we are missing these foundational teachings in our culture and I wish for more women to share as you have done in this video series. Thank you! It was touching and nourishing to my soul." 

-V. Moore., Arizona

"My takeaways from the course: sing more, share beauty everywhere I go, be kind and above all take care of myself! Thank you Angela Jeanne for this beautiful time. I wish I lived closer so I could spend time with you in person. Please let me know when you create another Course. II will take it for sure. Oh, I bought your Medicine Chant album. I am learning them so I can sing them in ceremony."

-C. Smith., Illinois

Image by Edward Howell

Elemental Connection

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