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Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Using the Threads of Fate Oracle (Black & Rose Gold Edition)


Utilizing these Rose Oracle deck I offer emotional and spiritual support by attuning to my intuition and inner knowing as information presents itself regarding your situation or question. Often essential discovery happens fluidly, as the reading unfolds.

 30-minute session -  Cost $88

(allows for a few card reading)

1 Hour Session - Cost $155

(allows for a more in-depth reading).

By Appointment Only

Call or text (808)741-1559

How intuition works: 

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. 
This is when visions past, present and future flash through our mind's eye, or third eye, much like a daydream. Many of us are highly visual and able to understand an idea best when we see it written or sketched out as an image on a computer screen or on a canvas. Visual people often choose to be artists, builders, photographers, decorators, designers and so forth. If this sounds familiar, your clairvoyance is most likely a dominant sense.

Clairaudience means clear hearing. 
This is when we hear words, sounds, or music in our own mind's voice. On rare occasions, spirit may be able to create audible sound, though this takes a tremendous amount of focused energy. Some of us best retain and comprehend information when we hear it spoken aloud. Our natural talents tend to lie in our auditory faculties, often making us gifted musicians, singers, writers and public speakers. If this feels right to you, clairaudience may be a leading sense for you.

Clairsentience means clear feeling. 
This entails feeling a person's or spirit's emotions or feeling another's physical pain. Many of us are clairsentient without consciously being aware of it. When we get a strong "gut" feeling, positive or negative, about someone we just met or when we get the "chills" for no apparent reason, we may be tuning into the emotional energy of a person or a spirit around us. When we are highly sensitive and are in tune with not only our own feelings but also the feelings of others, this makes us natural healers and caregivers. We often feel inspired to pursue careers as doctors, therapists, counselors, nannies, and teachers. If this is you, clairsentience is at the top of your senses list.

Clairalience means clear smelling. 
This is being able to smell odors that don't have any kind of physical source. Instances of this could include smelling the perfume or the cigarette smoke of a deceased relative, used as a sign of their presence around us. When our sense of smell is strong and distinct, we may find that certain smells connect us to past memories or we may be drawn to working as a florist, a wine taster or a perfume fragrance creator.

Clairgustance means clear tasting. 
This is the ability to taste something that isn't actually there. This experience oftentimes comes from out of the blue when a deceased loved one is attempting to communicate a memory or association we have with a particular food or beverage that reminds us of them. If we have a heightened sense of taste, this would make us natural chefs, bakers, or food critics.

Claircognizance means clear knowing. 
This is when we have knowledge of people or events that we would not normally have knowledge about. Spirit impresses us with truths that simply pop into our minds from out of nowhere. An example of this would be a premonition: a forewarning of something that will happen in the future. Claircognizance requires tremendous faith because there's often no practical explanation for why we suddenly "know" something. Many philosophers, professors, doctors, scientists, religious and spiritual leaders, and powerful sales and business leaders tend to be highly intuitive and seem to just know the facts with a sense of certainty. If this is you, consider claircognizance as one of your dominant senses.



Client Feedback:

"Angela's reading was fun, filled with laughter and light-hearted uplifting energy." - B. Homles

"I had a deep heaviness that had come over me and I had been dealing with a bunch of grief and was looking for answers. Angela's reading was informative on a level I didn't expect. The cards she pulled ended up giving me fruitful guidance that felt reassuring and brought me a renewed sense of confidence. Gladly I report that my situation has changed and I am feeling quite excited about the future. I recommend Angela Jeanne Rose Heart's readings to all my friends now." - L. Koraline

"My reading was very insightful. I feel more clarity came from through on another level than I thought. My heart is lifted and I feel a sunny disposition which was not the case just 30 minutes ago. Thanks so much, Angela. I loved our session." K. Pierce. 

"I have had loads of readings but Angela brought me to a place of real understanding of what I needed to shift within myself to move forward. I didn't realize it is me that is doing this. I needed to take responsibility and make some adjustments in my choices. I literally cannot believe this. Angela, I am so grateful for your sincere kindness and wisdom. Wow just Wow!" - L. McHougan

"My mom always told me I could do anything but as I grew up I have felt so scared. Angela you have helped me have faith in myself again. Your energy and way of describing things to me helped me in so many ways. I am so happy to make a vision board and begin journaling to get clarity. I am the creator of my own experience and I need to believe in myself." - J. Parson. 

"The way I was looking at life was so grim and grey. Angela was able to show me that I am the one who gets to be sovereign and share my gifts and talents with the world in order to live my best life. I bought a ticket to Europe and I'm going. I'm gonna do it. I'm going backpacking in Europe."

- C. Julian 

"I can’t tell you how helpful your reading was to me. There are some things you had said that have already started to happen. You shared things that have already come true. Wow! You are so tuned in to a timeless level of energy. It’s amazing. Thank you, Angela" - D. Antonio

"Angela you are super easy to talk to. I feel like you knew what I needed to hear. I am happy I had a reading with you, Angela. I am happy." - T. Kirkpatrick

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