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Ceremonial Kundalini Yoga

Yoga Kriyas, Sound Bath & Meditation

At a Yoga Studio or in your air bnb!

Groups, couples, or single appointments available!

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This experience includes an elemental ceremony Kundalini Kriyas, gentle movement, mala practice, & an extended gong bath,


Kriyas are fundamental to Kundalini Yoga! 

General physical health is improved because all of the internal organs receive a gentle rhythmic massage from the exercises.


Vibration is believed to affect your body’s functions, such as blood pressure and breathing capacity. Sound Therapy vibrations can be used to improve health and reduce stress.

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Research has found that meditation offers a number of health benefits, including:
stress reduction
decreased anxiety and depression
improved memory
reduced blood pressure
pain reduction
lower cholesterol
decreased risk of heart disease and stroke

This experience is a wonderful gift to one's self and will adjust and

will move a lot of energy in your body, mind & spirit.

90 minutes

Cost: $122 per person

*Two or more people*

Ask about group rates


Client Feedback:

"Never before have I enjoyed something so much. Angela, you are beyond gifted. Your heart is so full of love and we felt you took so much care for what you share. We feel enormously blessed to have spent time with you." - H. Normad

"Angela's ability to shift and transform an entire room is truly magical! Her lovely and amazing energy is both addictive AND contagious!" -S. Holly

"What a powerful class and experience you offer. You are one of the most inspired teachers I have ever met. Her powerhouse class delivered a loving and empowering message that hit the spot." -S. Thomas

"Stunning. Feminine. Gorgeous! I was taken aback by the power of the beauty and the breathwork. The kriyas were powerful. Overall truly a wonderful offering. " - B. Glass

"The presence of the room was angelic. When we walked in we were amazed at the time and the intention of what Angela had created for us. It was truly a beautiful morning. We did not expect to be swept away by such wisdom teachings and your voice is beyond angelic. My mother held me while I journeyed. Tears flowed and I felt such a loving presence all around me. Deep peace overcame me and I was mystified all day by what a special opportunity it was. " - A. Mulholland


"Angela you are a tender and yet powerful teacher. It was heartfelt and warm. I felt so held. Your class was a gift!" -T. Harding


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