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Sedona Labyrinth Experience

7th circuit labyrinth at the Sedona Lodge.

This Sedona labyrinth experience is a powerful way to shift the energy in your life, release what no longer serves you or has served you long enough, and set new intentions with forward movement. It is a very  relaxing and special experience under the stars in Sedona. 


Angela Jeanne Rose Heart with Rose Alchemy Healing will guide you on a healing and meditative experience at the 7th circuit labyrinth at the Sedona Lodge. Angela will lead you in a reflective elemental and ceremonial healing to clear the past and help you open anew to the future. 

Angela is a powerful spiritual mentor and guide! She has a rich background in Somatic Healing working with releasing trauma and stress. She is a Songstress, Sound Healer, and Facilitator of Retreats, Workshops & Events. Her Sacred Offerings give potent, intentional, and deliberate tools for creating what you want in your life. Angela carries Medicine Chants that she shares in ceremonies and rituals. Her voice and teachings will touch your heart and soul. 

*The daytime Labyrinth experience includes chocolate and strawberries and the making of prayers flag on a strip of material. We also drive to partake in a short meditative walk to an International Peace Park where we place prayers flags in a twisted vortex tree. 

*The Starlite Labyrinth experience includes lying in the middle of the labyrinth under the stars while drifting away to the sounds of crystal bowls. 

Sedona Labyrinth Experience

10:00 am - 2:00pm 

Cost: $188 per person

Groups of up to 12 people 

*Beginning in March*

Starlight Labyrinth Experiences

7:00 - 8:30pm 


$155 per person

Groups of two - five people

7th circuit Labyrinth:

Created with a seed pattern of a cross, a right angle, and a dot in each quadrant, this labyrinth has seven paths. This is often referred to by some as the Cretan Labyrinth.

The oldest known labyrinth, its origin is about 1200 B.C. The further development falls in the time of the Roman empire from 165 B.C. till 400 A.D.

We do not know when the labyrinth structure first was conceived, but there are several incidences among the ideograms carved into rock faces across Neolithic and 'Bronze-age' Europe.

We see the ideogram later on an Etruscan vase from c. 550 B.C. Later, at about 300 B.C., it was used on coins in Crete. During the middle-ages, it was used in European Cathedrals for pilgrimage.

Some research suggests that the geometric shape of a labyrinth produces an energy field that can heal ailments of the body and calm the mind. It balances thoughts with the presence of the body to the point where one stops thinking and the intuition of knowingness takes over.

11th circuit Labyrinth: (Angel Valley is closed until further notice)

The Chartres labyrinth at Angel Valley is a replica of the one in the Cathedral de Notre Dame in Chartres, France. It is 104 ft (31.6m) in diameter, two times the size of the original labyrinth.

Pilgrims used it as an alternative for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the holy city, walking the labyrinth barefoot, or even on their knees. Once in the center, the strong Earth energies and the cosmic energies, combined with the light of the colorful stained-glass windows, made it into a transcendental experience. The pilgrims in our times have a similar goal to achieve clarity on their path through life, and to experience their connection with God, The Creator, All That Is. The pattern of the Chartres labyrinth is a cross within a circle, a symbol much older than the Christian tradition.