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Have you recently gone through a painful experience? Lost a pet? Moved out of a relationship? Transitioned out of a job? Perhaps you've made a big life decision. Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening? This Sedona vortex labyrinth experience is a powerful way to shift the energy in your life, release what no longer serves you or has served you long enough and set new intentions with forward movement. 


Angela Jeanne Rose Heart with Rose Alchemy Healing will guide you on a healing and meditative experience at the 11th circuit Labyrinth at Angel Valley. Angela will lead you in Elemental and Ceremonial Healing to clear the past and help you open anew to the future. Afterwards, we will visit a walking meditative Peace Park to ground your intentions and touch in with the sacred vortices!

Angela is a powerful spiritual mentor and guide! She has a rich background in Somatic Healing working with releasing trauma and stress. She is a Songstress, Sound Healer, and Facilitator of Retreats, Workshops & Events. Her Sacred Offerings give potent, intentional, and deliberate tools for creating what you want in your life. Angela carries Medicine Chants that she shares in ceremonies and rituals. Her voice and teachings will touch your heart and soul.

Daily: 10am-2pm

Sedona, Arizona


$155 per person

Groups of up to 20 people 

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“The Fall Equinox Labyrinth Ceremony was incredibly powerful. It was so healing, the tears flowed throughout the session and it felt wonderful to let go of what I no longer needed! I was surrounded by beautiful women that I felt I knew, there was a connection we all shared. It truly felt amazing. The singing and drumming was absolutely stunning. The moment it started a hummingbird was hovering right above Angela’s shoulder and a dragonfly flew overhead. Pure magic! The elemental alter was quite impressive. Angela honored each of the elements – air, fire, earth, water – and explained their meaning to the group. I especially enjoyed the rose and finding the seeds I never knew were there before. The labyrinth had a strong effect on everyone. Angela led the way with the drum while we visualized, it’s hard to put it into words but in the end, I felt like a million pounds had lifted from my shoulders at the end. The self-care tips and acronyms that Angela gave us to use in day-to-day life are much appreciated and will be used for years to come. This ceremony is one that I believe every person should experience. The world would be a better place if they did. I would definitely recommend it to others and actually already have. Thank you Angela!!” - P. Sprouse., Cottonwood, AZ

"Angela created such a beautiful space for us. We loved every moment! From the way, she set up on the grass and the setting of intentions and the water blessings. It was all so beautiful and meaningful to us. We were mesmerized! The labyrinth was also very powerful. The guidance and wisdom Angela bestowed on my wife and I was unparalleled.  Angela Jeanne is an Angel working directly with the divine. We had an absolutely mystical experience." D. Davis., Colorado

"Angela is a rare gifted teacher, shaman, and facilitator. She goes deep in her understanding and meets you where you are. I should have been writing this review a week after. Because I believe that what transpired today will grow exponentially as time goes by. If you want a truly transformative experience, this is it. Angela will show you something you won’t find on your own. If you want to skim through Sedona landscaping, hire Pink Jeep instead ;). Thank you, SiSTAR! I know, we’ll meet again!"

S. Joseph  Las Vegas, NV.

“Exceptional spiritual work! Thank you for being who you are and for doing this work!”

~ N. Ali, PhD, New York

“What a great Sedona experience! She really is passionate about her practice and it shows. Her rituals, drum playing and singing made the experience feel very deep. I had no idea that following someone around a labyrinth could precipitate such a profound release.” Kim Neis, Oakland, California


"Angela was amazing! The experience she provided was exactly what we hoped for with a lot of spiritual components, heart connection etc. She loves what she does, you can feel it. The labyrinth experience was incredible. Putting up the prayer flags was very touching. Overall a very powerful experience." - Petrina, Canada


"This was an amazing way to engage with the energies of Sedona and to see and experience places in a way we wouldn’t have been able to do alone. Angela created a beautiful container for us to have our own experience through places, music, activities, shared knowledge and ritual. We feel very lucky to have found this offering.  - C. O'Connell, Cumberland Canada




"Angela is warm, friendly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. It was obvious she goes to great lengths to make your experience special from start to finish! She certainly made my day a very special day to remember. It was good to be in her company for 4 hours. It could have been a longer. Time a passed too quickly. I will see her again when I next visit Sedona." - C. Shaw, Vancouver Canada





"I am so happy we chose this time with Angela Jeanne Rose Heart in Sedona. We were thrilled with our overall experience with her. The places she took us were amazing! I cannot say enough about the loving energy she brought to our day. It was a wonderful way to spend a day in Sedona. Truly delightful!" 

-M. Williams, Colorado











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