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Reiki I & II

Reiki Level I & II



Universal Life Force Energy

What is Reiki?

How Reiki Works


The History of Reiki

The Five Reiki Principles

Preparing for Atunements

Anatomic Illustrations - Hand Positions

Self Treatment

Preparing To Treat Others

Treating Others - Body Mechanics

Pregnancy, Babies and Children

Reiki Brings Comfort To Dying

The 3 Pillars of Reiki - Gassho, Reiji-Ho, Chiryo

The 5 Objects of Reiki - Tai Ken, En Bi, Kakoro & Mahato, Sai, Chikara, Tsumoe Do.

The Sacred Reiki Symbols

1st Sacred Symbol 

2nd Sacred Symbol 

Working With Reiki - Hands on

Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Meditation & Tea


Sacrament & Integration 

Purchase the Course

Cost: $295

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Skype or In Person

*Courses begin after full payment is received. 

*A receipt will be given to you for payment for your commitment to the energy. 

*Classes may be rescheduled due to emergency or sickness.

*Unless the class is canceled by Teacher, there are no refunds.

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