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Reiki III

Reiki Level III - Master

Master - Advanced Reiki Teacher 

To become a Reiki Master/Teacher one must be attuned to Reiki Levels I & II. The Reiki symbols are like "keys" that activate the Universal Life Force Energy.  In order to do this you must be attuned to the Reiki Symbols by a Reiki Master/Teacher.


Reiki III Students are empowered to teach & initiate others into Reiki and to build a Reiki practice directly following this class. 


Reiki Level III represents a significant shift in the practitioner’s journey as he/she commits to helping others learn how to channel healing energy.


**Students will learn how to send long distant healing as well as how to give Reiki to animals.



Introduction to Level III

Reiki and Symbolism

Usui Reiki Master Symbol 

Non Traditional Symbol

Distant Reiki 

Atuning Animals to Reiki

Advanced Reiki Techniques

The Hui Yin point

The Violet Breath

The microcosmic orbit

Symbol Practice

Hands on

Reiki Attunement Ceremony

Meditation & Tea


Sacrament & Integration



Although Reiki III is the final part of becoming a Reiki Master, it is only the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning filled with lots of new possibilities and self-discoveries.

Purchase the Course

Cost: $695

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Skype or In Person

*Courses begin after full payment is received. 

*A receipt will be given to you for payment for your commitment to the energy. 

*Classes may be rescheduled due to emergency or sickness.

*Unless the class is canceled by Teacher, there are no refunds.

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