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Release that which no longer serves.
Connect to your pure prayers. 

Retrieve your dreams.

Reconnect with sacred lands.

Reclaim your personal power!

Join me, Angela Jeanne Rose Heart, for this

Summer Solstice Getaway 

Friday, June 19th - Sunday, June 21st

Partake in Elemental ceremony and rituals, powerful prayerful flower mandalas,

Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, meditation, mantra, movement and more!

Summer Solstice is a very powerful portal for manifesting our collective dreams!  This will be the third time I am offering a Summer Solstice gathering. Reserve your spot NOW!


This retreat includes your stay in a lovely property located in the Sedona area. We will visit the Angel Valley Labyrinth and a walking Peace Park and the nearby Red Rock Sites. There will be ceremony, ritual and meditation time weaved throughout the weekend. 


Some people may wish to visit Sedona on their own before or after the retreat is over and are free to make accommodations thereafter at their own expense.

Travel insurance, Car rental, and airfare are not included. It is suggested that you arrange for a rental car and carpooling with other retreat participants. If assistance is needed to coordinate your ground travel with our other guests please don't hesitate to ask. There will be a Private Facebook group created for communication. 


Arrive Friday, June 19th in the afternoon before 5:00 pm.

Opening ceremony at 7:00 pm.

*Light breakfasts included on Saturday and Sunday morning.

(Please notify me of dietary restrictions.) 

Bring snacks and a picnic lunch for Saturday. 


The cost for your 3-day, 2-night Sedona Retreat is $600 per person.

($500 Early Bird before May 15th - paid in full.) 

A $300 deposit will hold your reservation.

*Reservations for 8 women.


All registrations must be paid in full by May 31st. 

 Please make sure you want to attend as there are no refunds.


Payments accepted via Zelle, Paypal & Venmo. 


Contact me to make payment arrangements!

Deposit $300

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Early Bird Pay in Full $500

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Client References:

I had the beautiful experience of going to the river with Angela. I thought we would talk and sift through what I was dealing with. Instead Angela smudged me, in silence and cleaned me off. Then, like an artist, she began to make an elemental mandala. As I watched her I realized she was making a medicine wheel with rocks. She would occasionally smile at me and continue to place stones around the circle. Then she asked if I wanted to help. She explained that I needed to get 8 items. It didn't matter what they were but to go find 8 elemental offerings. I nodded and set out to get 8 pinecones. I went back and she was placing 8 strips of greenery she had found. I placed my 8 pinecones. She told me to go get 8 more items. We giggled and went to seek out our treasures to bring back. I came back with 8 yellow flowers. She came back with 8 sprigs of what looked like wheat. Before I knew it we had created the most gorgeous work of art. I noticed the whole thing was a mirror of the opposite side. Angela went to get water and we made prayers with the water and then placed it into the center. We both watched the liquid saturate into the ground. Then we sat in silence. We sat for a long time. I shared how I was so relaxed and how everything I was worried about seemed to fade away. I wasn't sure what was going to happen nor do I really know what happened because it wa so subtle. I just felt peace. - A. Thomas

After driving to Mt. Shasta to get water and spend time at the headwaters with you I can honestly say I've never felt so connected to water before. What an absolutely sacred experience. I've been such a mess lately. Spending time with you has changed my life. I mean that! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  - S. Michaels

Angela, Thank you for holding space for me during my process. You showed such care for me during a time of extreme sadness. I didn't need to talk. I needed to cry!  Going to the water and connecting to the Earth Mother was the perfect excursion. You truly embody what it means to be a Priestess. I am in so much gratitude. Bless! - G. Houston


I didn't had a clue about the "basics" of what it meant to be a shamanic woman. I have so much to learn. I am in awe of you! Your way is so sweet yet you have so much strength. I'm such a girly girl and don't like getting dirty and when you shared that you were just like me, we laughed and laughed! We shared such real kindred conversation. I'll never forget it. Thank you for the beautiful wing and for sharing your wisdom with me. - A. Wilson

Never in my life have I ever had someone stay so present with me. I can talk a lot but somehow you got me to find quiet. You are a one of a kind, a Couture Earth Woman. - E. Nelson

The calm sense of natures beauty captured me when we found that owl feather I felt like I had entered into a magical kingdom. I remembered what I felt like when I was a child. I was in so much wonder the whole time we sat listening to the whos of the owls. It was absolutely gorgeous. I especially loved getting to sip water from my hand straight from the rive and making offerings to the water elementals. You took me to a place that will hold a special place in my heart. Seeing the sun rise, singing to the sun going down, looking at the dark starry sky... it was all so amazingly awe inspiring. I am forever changed. May the Goddess Bless you forevermore sweet Angela.  - J. Holen

Ever since I was a little girl I had dreamed of feeling the faeries again. I had not played like that for years. Thank you for the special time in the woods and at the waters edge. - A. Merril

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