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Rose Alchemy Healing

A ministry to assist us in the great remembering

of who and what we truly are!

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 13 Moon  Rose Oracle

Online Temple  

A safe and sacred place to deepen into the

Sacred Mysteries of Womanhood

At the core of Women's Sacred Medicine is a foundation in Women's Leadership. Fundamental teachings are gleaned during profound supplication and witnessing the cycles of nature guided by

Womb Centered Wise Women.


In the realm of Women's Medicine, we learn through our greatest mystery, Ceremonial Menstruation.


13 Moon Agreement

$333 pay in full before 

Dec. 31st 2019

to receive FREE GIFTS


13 Moon Agreement

$33 per month payments


Rose Oracle 

13 Moon Curriculum

What we will explore:

Sanctification, Consecration and Coming Home

Clearing, Claiming and Creating

Psychic Hygiene

Sovereignty Statements 

Full and New Moon Rituals for Health, Healing, and Vitality

Intentions & Manifestation

Contrast and Clarity

Activation and Honoring Your Body Temple

 Self Nurturing and Self Care Practices

Heart & Womb Connection

Embodiment and Body Consciousness

Personal Practices, Meditation, and Sadhana

Altered States

Writing, Art & Sacred Crafts

Intuitive & Oracular Illumination

Sovereignty and Sacred Marriage to Self

Healing, Forgiving, and Gratitude

Guidance, and Grace

Boldness & the Beauty Way

Authenticity & Transparency

Rituals to Relish in Your Revelry and Regalry

 Nourishing Your Personal and Private Connection

Contemplation and Receiving 

Poetry, Imagery, Transmissions and Your Muse

Ego and the Mind

Personal Power, Authority, Boundaries, and Integrity

 Pain, Pleasure, Passion, and Personification

Tracking Your Cycle and Fertility

Falling in Love with Your Innate Nature

Ancestral Lineage

Mirroring and Projection

Season of Life - Maiden, Mother, Queen & Crone

Tending Your Temple 

Set, Setting, and Sensitivity

Numerology, Life Path #

Reconnection to Our Planetary Cosmic Body

Releasing and Letting Go

Trauma & Drama


Season Wheel

Medicine Chants

Integration and Libations

A fully enriching experience for any woman!

Additional Information:

Once a month we will meet as a group on a LIVE Zoom call.

When we have a LIVE video, your presence is requested for the unity of the group.


There will be Meditations and Transmissions for you sent via email.

Fun, interactive "homework" will be assigned each month.

*Optional - Personal and Private Mentorship with a Rose Alchemy Healing Ministry Priestess (Additional Cost per Session/Package)

This Curriculum is for serious initiates who are ready for

deep exploration and self-study with practical and potent application. 


A Phone Interview will be scheduled after your registration information

is received to answer any questions and to welcome you into the program.

The course will begin in January 2020!

and thereafter on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm PST. 

January 2020

February 13th

March 12th

April 9th

May 14th

June 11th

July 9th

August 13th

September 10th

October 15th

November 12th 

December 10th

January 2021

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A dedication of a full lunar year of Mother Lineage

Activation and Re-Connection.

Please send commitment, acknowledgment, and Donation to the Ministry

email: RoseAlchemyHealing or use the form below,

sharing that you are ready to step through the gates, leave the ordinary behind

and deepen into the great mystery of your own personal

Womb Mysteries and Women's Medicine.

One Time Donation to Rose Alchemy Healing Ministry for the 

entire Lunar Year - from January 2020 - January 2021.

Written commitment and $333 Donation is due before December 31st, 2019!

*Pay in full for FREE gifts- First come First serve!

Or choose $33 a month payment plan w/ 13 Moon Commitment.

For Women and Young Girls

Ages 11-111 Welcome!

*Ask about the Mother-Daughter Special!

*Men may support this work deeply, by honoring a woman or their beloved,

before, during and after she enters into ceremony,  by providing nourishment

and plenty of space to be.

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Pay in full - save $96

Thanks for submitting!

*Bonus Offer*

Free Additional Gifts

when you Register by November 11th

*Elemental Connection Online Course 

Covered in this Course:
Creating an Altar
Connecting to the Body
Being in your Beauty
Connecting to the Seasons
Sovereignty and Psychic Hygiene
Water Prayer
Medicine Chants

Ceremonial Menstruation

Online Course

by Laurel Kitten

*One 60-minute Soul Support Session 

1 on 1 private session with Laurel or Angela

"Self Care Ritual to Heal Your Heart and Womb" E-book

In this book, Self Care Rituals to Heal Your Heart and Womb, I write about women having a connection to the moon, the cycles of nature, bleeding and ceremonial menstruation and how women bring forth life from their wombs!  I speak to this in a biological and physiological way that is easy quite easy to understand. This isn’t a fluffy book of lotions and potions. It’s raw and real - women’s medicine, to help purge and purify, draw boundaries, deepen into yourself and deliberately clear your conscious field!

Heart & Womb Meditation

A tender, clearing, cleansing, nourishing and sanctifying meditation for Women to create & cultivate the connection between the heart & womb.

Chakra Meditation

"Angela's lovely soft and nurturing voice offers safety and serenity in order to do deep personal work on one's own body, mind & spirit. I was touched at the lightness and clarity I felt when the meditation was complete. This is a fabulous download that I will keep in my iTunes for my personal practice."

S. Nelson Sedona, AZ

Rose Alchemy Healing

Ritual Boutique Skin Care



If you would like to offer a Donation for a Woman to attend,

please let us know. There will be one scholarship awarded.


Please use the form above or send us an email: to Apply.

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