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Be Kind.... to yourself!

During this unprecedented time, I have allowed myself to create like never before. It has been so fun and very exciting! However, I had not expected the level of vulnerability. I have created my own clothing line and I am selling jewelry!

When my book was finished I put it out there only to experience heightened anxiety due to the message of my book and the tone it was written in. I felt that it was amazing material but soon felt the backlash of our current mindless society, lost at sea. I put my first chapter out there and was dumbfounded by a few responses.

Because of the negative feelings, I pulled back and re-wrote it. Honestly, I need to go back and re-visit my book. I need to give it some new energy. I ended up taking out the last chapter. I also re-wrote the first chapter dealing with the truth of women's biology and connection to the tides, the moon, and the feminine system. It was quite daunting yet necessary.

In that process, I realized my creative power and also the destruction of dis-creating what I had created. The dis-creation felt better than the creation. I also came to know that when I create, it's messy. It's not perfect. I love it that way! I don't have a solid plan because I let the Muse carry me. I am seeded with one overall intention and then when it's birthed, it's an explosion of power. I love it! Creating is the best feeling! Then, when I'm ready, usually quickly, I put it out to the public. Often, others show strange responses to my manifestations. I get a lot of projection. I am often met with a critique. I find it odd. I also don't get the response I think I will get. I question whether it is the algorithm.

I was told recently that my protection symbol... my logo, looks like a pentagram or may be perceived as paganism and could turn people off. This person said people may think my logo - which is my talisman, is Wiccan and therefore is devil worship. WOW! Are you kidding me? So, am I to change something I find so powerful just because of one person's idea? Because of ignorance or ultimately, fear? Hell No! I need to get more affirmed in its power!

Here's the deal...when you're faced with criticism and critique you had better know who you are and what you intent is. You had better know what you and your creations are all about. In other words, take it in and feel into what is true for you. And, you had better be grounded and mindful not to go into a defensive response. Oh, the tools it takes to deal with ourselves during these turbulent times, eh?

The energy of this year has been very turbulent! Allow for this time to take you deep. Look into places that are uncomfortable. Do the work of bringing that which is unconscious into the conscious.... where things can heal. "When you feel it, you can heal it."

Even though what you might be experiencing may feel terrible and extremely uncomfortable allow it to help you find your voice. Tune into to what you feel. Be aware of how much news you watch and listen to. Take space from negative people. Above all allow yourself yo be in a creative space. Take nature walks and breathe!

Sip on a nice warm beverage and bring yourself into the day with ease. Rest. Take baths and self-nurture as much as possible. You really cannot give yourself "too much" self-love or "too much" self-care.

When someone criticizes you or questions you or whatever.... stop, and breathe. Deepen into your original intent. People who question or critique are often not in a space of manifestation or creation. You gotta know that creative energy brings up jealousy, bitterness, and strife in people. You shine your light and creating is going to trigger people. Keep going! Keep Shining and above all Be Kind.... to yourself!


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