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Happy Lammas & Blessed Lughnasadh

My August newsletter

It's August 1st, 2020.

What wild times we are living. So much has changed since January 1st. It seems like light years ago that you could go somewhere and feel "normal."

During these unprecedented times, I believe kindness and compassion are key. Modeling excellence and charitable connections are not just for a company's bottom line but an everyday action to benefit humankind.

My passion for motivation and inspiration comes from the heart. I am rebooting and rerooting my online marketing. Today I realized I had changed my website to Rose Alchemy Healing and forgot to change all of my automations. So, for months, it has been sending broken links - which seems metaphoric.

Please forgive my errors as re-directions and re-connections are taking place in many forms. I always say... I feel so much gratitude after a trial unfolds because it helps me see what I actually want to create. That said doing the "work" on ourselves has never been so hard. We must be that much more vigilant and devotional with our self-care and self-nurturance.

Many feel broken, scared, and in fear. Likely many are needing a reprieve from the emotions flanking them in one way or another. I am taking this time to create meaningful meditations and online courses to bring some light to a very dark world. One very important action to take right now is to be a torchbearer. May my work be that for you... some light and brevity! I am sure you could use a little hope and a smile.

Check out these two FREE gifts! Heart & Womb Union Meditation Chakra Meditation Stay tuned for more from the Rose Oracle project I started last year as well as poetry, medicine chants and more.

May the road rise to meet you on your path, Angela Jeanne Rose Heart *********************************************** Offerings & Events: Elemental Connection Ceremony & Ritual - Sedona Labyrinth Experience Enjoy a healing and meditative experience at the Angel Valley Labyrinth. I will lead you in an Elemental and Ceremonial Healing to clear the past and help you open anew to the future. We will also visit a walking meditative Peace Park to ground your intentions and touch in with the sacred vortices!

**If you are visiting Sedona or know someone who will be in the area share this Offering with them.

Daily: 10am-2pm Sedona, Arizona

Meditation, Elemental Connection & Ritual Labyrinth and Peace Walk

Saturday, August 8th 6:00 -8:00 pm Early Bird Special

Reserve your spot: Say YES to yourself!

Join me for these beautiful offerings.

My offerings are great for couples, friends, sistars, mothers and daughters.


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