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Cut the leeches from your body and do not allow them to suck on you anymore!

Manipulation, treachery, bogus stories, deception, betrayal and abandonment... all methods of engagement with a unhealthy, reptilian and dis-embodied person. They must harvest vertically to get their food.

YOU MUST cut them off of you, disengage in their egoic practices and come into an awareness that their modis operandi is to use you as a host. They work off of your creative energy.

YOU MUST see that you are their host. They are using you. They are maintaining your trust because their whole operation relies on you continuing to allow them to suck you dry. At the end, they put the whole situation on you and tell you how horrible you are after you gave and gave and gave.

With out the exploitation of the energy you give they cannot survive. They rely on you being a total push over. They rely on you NOT listening to your own intuition about them. They sting you over and over until the sting doesn't bother you anymore and somehow get you asking to be stung, even if it hurts and even if you know it isn't good for you... still you want the sting... the medicine of the sting that gives a rise in adrenaline.

The victim gets addicted to unhealthy narcissism through deeply emotionally treacherous situations, even though the victim knows how horrible it is for them. But once you're in it, it is challenging to get out.

The vampire/leech/reptilian brings their trauma and pain, and their glorified past of both absolute garbage and good times to your door step. They manipulate you to take them in. They extend a helping hand and invite you to join in their festivities.

Then, you end up with their crap in your house, in your garage and on your land. They get you engaged monetarily and they violate your trust, over and over again, but still you let them come home and put their dirty shoes at your back door. Meanwhile, they must maintain the notion that they are your friend in order for you to be their host!

Become aware of people who come to host you, suck on you and take advantage of you. Don't become their "bitch." Get wise about their tactics. Don't allow your guard down. Listen to your instincts.

Break the pattern!

Cut the leeches from your body and send them on their way! And then, do not allow them to suck on you anymore!

Take back your body. Take back your life. And take back your energy! Let go of any need to continue to engage them. Drop all connections. BE DONE! Sina'nara. Adios.

Promise yourself that you will NOT allow leeches in your life anymore! If you think you've been hosted, take care of it sooner than later. ASAP! You don't need to explain yourself. "No!" is a sentence! Come back into your domain, take back your space and find your center.

Ask yourself, why you don't listen to yourself? Why don't you honor your own inner voice?

Set crystal clear boundaries! Begin to honor your boundaries and pay attention to any desire to receive from anyone who is sick, seductive and full of all kinds of stories.

Create a plan so you STOP allowing leeches in your life!

Without a host a vampire/ leech/ reptilian cannot survive!

Angela Jeanne Rose Heart


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