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Encouraging Maturation

Everyday I wake up to more classes about “yonis” and “sexuality!” Don’t people teach embodied practices? Or does everyone do yoni goat Yoga all the time?

Theres so much tantra and yoni stuff out there. I’d like to know who teaches about the whole body??

The mind? Psychic Hygeine? Holding high frequency in the auric field? Shadow work? Shedding that which doesn’t serve us and re-birthing ourselves anew~

I’d really like to think people are aware enough not to have someone make out with their third eye and such them dry! Let’s STOP predators dead in their tracks!!!

So come on, share with me.... Who teaches about the emotional chakra? The tummy? Tummy talk. Will power. Boundaries. Personal empowerment!!

Who teaches about the heart and the higher heart? The green and rose Heart energies? Compassionate living!

Who teaches about the throat chakra, tension in the neck and shoulders? Learning to speak for oneself. Sharing your truth.

Who teaches about the face and judgement vs discernment.

Who teaches about the third eye... sight, foresight, seeing many timelines...

Who teaches about opening the crown, balancing out the monkey mind and embodying?

Who who who??? Whooo whooo whooo? Maybe you? I call to you...

Who wants to raise it up?

Who wants to go beyond their base chakras and raise their frequency?

Who wants to get the focus off their lower chakras? Who wants to hold vitality and radiance as their birth right? Choosing to use the sacral energy for co creative artistic expression and conserving the sacral energy rather than always giving or receiving!

Who wants to dive deep into soul work, heal the lower chakras and heal the traumas and step into victory?

Who desires release from the over sensationalization and titilation programming?

Who wants to rise above the sensualization and hunger of the reptilian mind and work from their healed Wholeness?

Who wants to feel into their royalty, divinity and experience their true authentic power?

I’ve empowered myself, done deep deep shadow work.... dropped in with my two lowest chakras and NOW want to bring deep resonance to the entire system of my body, mind and spirit and teach others how too!!! It’s not all about being sexy and staying in that energy all the time. Self actualization comes from realizing that energy, tapping into kundalini and the potentiality of your personal power, becoming deeply empowered and raising it up the spinal column and then holding that frequency in your field 24/7!!!

I want to share how the frequency of the mind can change your entire being in 7 seconds... through breath and imagination you can work through all the muck and open your field to grand beauty and create more of what you want!!

Lets heal the base chakras and get up into the higher energies and dispel the spell of our society’s over sensualization and sensationalization of our bodies, projecting some kind of illusion and grandeur that isn’t based on reality but feels deeply manipulating and vampiric.

Let’s drop the treachery and work to draw in that which we want for healing and well being... resting in our sovereignty... married to ourselves first... whole and complete! Then unite in peace, through peace.... not because “you complete me.” Because I am whole unto myself, first!!!

Integrate your shadow and know where you struggle. Get in touch with your weak areas and find antidotes and tools to help you when you’re struggling!

Not dreaming of some Christed man or erect Pan to come and join us in some erotic dreamland.

Be here now. Step away from Neverland! Awaken into your Wholeness! Remember who you are and stand in the glory of your own majesty! Open your channels to the glory of being able to drink water, breath clean air and the abundant loving place the Mother has provided and every Mother has given us through birthing us!

We all come from the waters of the womb. Let us re unite with that wonder! Let us delight in the knowing that we chose to be here and we are here for a reason!! To elevate. 📷🌿📷🌺

Let’s encourage maturation and integration and FULL embodiment!!

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