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Healing the Womb (clearing ritual)

To engage the healing and the Holy Grail of the Womb you must honor all of life's experiences to receive freedom through the power of creation, birth and death.

For you to open and to embrace all aspects of yourself, and to merge into the web of your life experience, it is of the utmost importance that you begin to spiral with the moon, nature, and the mental cycles of your feminine divine energy.

Lay down on a soft mattress or nest area that you create with pillows and blankets. Light a candle or incense to help yourself drop in deeply to prayer, healing and meditation. Prepare. You may decide to have special oil or water for this ritual.

Close your eyes. Bring your hands to your belly. Begin to gently connect to your breath. Allow yourself the ability to clear... using your awareness, consciousness and full energetic purification, set an intention to clean and clear out any energy that has been blocked in your second chakra, your womb.

As you breath, let yourself tap deeply into the power of your sacred feminine energy. This work is transformative and empowering.

Tune in deeply through your awareness. Set space for your healing. As you tune in you may feel pain, sorrow, hurt, regret, etc. Using your mind and visualization, slowly dissolve any upset, dark, dingy or stuck feelings residing in your womb space. Take time. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

Once you feel clearing, using your mind and visualization, press your hands firmly but gently into your womb. Visualizing divine holy water and absolute love entering your second chakra from the front and back. Allow for the holy spirit, to cleanse your entire belly dispelling anything that is not wanted. Release all negative feelings, energies, occurrences, surgeries, medical procedures etc. from the past.

Receiving the holy waters of the divine into your womb take back dominion of your womb stating your healing intentions with a powerful sovereignty statement. With full authority make this statement of absolute healing and clearing through out your entire body and with it, clearing your entire field. (you may anoint your belly and body with water and or oils at this point.)

Using your mind and visualization, see beautiful colors filling your womb, bringing with it, adoration and compassion.

Invite the golden rays of healing into your womb space, clearing and cleansing and rejuvenating all original keys and codes back unto yourself, according to divine law.

Seeing your womb fully restored, claim your womb as a consecrated and set apart for only that which is in your highest good now and forever more.

Lay for a while, letting full restoration and resolution of healing come.

When it feels complete, visualize a special seal for your womb as a symbol of protection. Gently press that seal into your belly. Surround yourself with healing sensations and allow yourself to be ministered to by healing spirits.

Speak affirmations of your healing in accordance with the Sisterhood of the Rose as a holder of the Holy Grail.

Afterwards, rest. You may enter a deep sleep. Allow yourself this time to deeply heal. Drink plenty of spring water. Be easy with yourself~


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