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I am a woman

As a woman...

I alone have charge over my body!

I will not eat second.

I will not wait for you.

I will not allow you to make decisions for me.

I will not allow you to project fear on me.

I will not bow to you or cow tow to you.

I will not be silent so you can speak!

I will not listen first and speak after.

I will wear whatever I want to wear!

I will do what I damn well want to do!

I will go where I want to go!

I will find safety and peace in me.

I will project love and care for you to see!

I will speak my truth!

I will shout if it helps you hear!

I will show my anger to display I am serious!

I will prepare a beautiful place for children to grow and prosper!

I will create a nest and a sanctuary!

I will hold your hand and let you guide.

I will also guide.

I will let you be guardian as I stand by your side.

Within me all life comes forth!

All children come from my womb!

I will be honored.

Angela Jeanne Rose Heart

Mabon- Oct 2018


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