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I can't shut off my consciousness...

Dominating my reality, the forces that be, outside of me, are flying around wreaking havoc on the core beliefs, I have grown to love; but to love mercy and to walk justly...

I sheepishly, verify with my inner will that I have enough stamina to endure each daunting day. Feverishly wrestling with a dichotomy of deviant entertainment that shrewdly slams my system, I dare not rage against the very machine that propels me into fight or flight, flooding my body with cortisol, inebriating my cells with inflammation and grueling grief. Meditating on the good and not casting my gaze at the bad, I walk to my car filled with oil sucked from the Earth, from the other side of the world. I attempt to shut off the mayhem all around me hoping to see the dawn of the new day the politicians promise. Promoting change and a better way, they say, it's all gonna be great, again. Like when?

I wont rely on a twitter feed, or some impending catastrophe while they spark maddening fear, and devastating doom, as I'm getting flashed by a message in my room, from the Presidential i-tunes. Spare me the rhetoric as the masses get sick from the tragic sautéed Monsanto madness. Forgive me mom, if I cant shut this down. I just cant take another minute of this clown, this treachery thats spanking me with my childhood wooden spoon. My consciousness cant take any more of this god forsaken cheeto breathed goon.


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