Letting Nature Heal

When we tune in to our breath and take an inward reflection of what is most important to us we usually also take a gander at our fears. Much of society is run from fight or flight and we run a ton of cortisol through our bodies causing inflammation and anxiety. When we act and move from fear we are behaving in a defensive way as opposed to an assertive, empowered, offensive way.

It is imperative to know how, why and what drives you. In today’s economy and social climate perhaps one of the most concerning aspects is that we are not taught to tune in to our bodies and move from a place of bodily wisdom. We are taught unconsciously to do as everyone else is doing, which may not even be what is best for us.

In this paradigm we negate the hearts desires and the health of the psyche as well as our dreams and aspirations that come from a pure soul driven paradigm. We vision in things that others have coming from a place of lack rather than a place of “what is best for my health? Or What is best for me?” We often feel separation, abandonment, betrayal, judgement or denial of what we want first. Our society has taught us to dismiss ourselves and to deny ourselves a true heartfelt expression of our needs, wants and desires that come from a self nurtured place. We find ourselves disconnected, dissociated and often alone. We can feel dis embodied from our body, our dreams and our very soul.

Embodiment is a choice!

We can choose to stay in a place of being sick and tired of our situation or we can begin to take a self initiated journey inward using tools and practices to fine tune the things that matter to us. Through slowing down, taking some deep breaths, grounding and moving our bodies we can begin to access our true potential to heal our past, forgive those who have trespassed us and let go of the pain.

We may never forget the past but we can look to a brighter future of full integration. We may have scars that show us what happened but we can use that experience to propel us forward. We can let go of anger, bitterness and strife and focus on what lessons we were shown to empower us and promote full self actualization.

Often people see, think and feel things that are not even their own organic thoughts or feelings. The constellation of our beliefs have been taught and projected on us by parents, teachers, pastors/priests or a societal figure. We are blindly accepting teachings given to us that may not even fully resonate for us as an individual soul. Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself.. “this isn’t even coming from me. How did I come to this way of thinking?”

When you are driving long distances or taking a long walk or perhaps vacuuming or doing the dishes the left brain has a chance to soften and the right brain has a chance to “speak” to us. When we are not thinking logically we can deepen into spaces with in the body, mind and spirit. It is in these spaces that we can have a little “heart to heart” with ourselves.

One of my favorite things to do to get into a mystical space is to get to a scenic place and watching the sun or moon rise, There’s a super special moment in time, when the veils are thin, that you can tap into the majesty of your being.

My daughter and I used to get a frozen yogurt or a chai tea and drive up to a high point where we lived as a ritual for the full moon to watch the spectacular moment when the moon would rise.

It always took our breath away and it was a super fun and easy way to be apart of the magik that the cosmos has to offer. We would sit and chat about life and also be in silence just taking in the view. Another ritual I liked was to walk to a the river everyday and watch the birds and the water and “make relations” in the same spot.

I would go to my spot at the river everyday and witness the changes in the shore line, the shifting of the sand and rocks and become deeply entranced with the dance of the tides and the moon. So often I would sit for hours and let the subtle realms speak to my soul. It seemed that over time the scent of the trees and the aroma of the greenery would assist me dropping into an altered space. There, at the waters, I would experience the most epic healings.

Water is healing.

One of my favorite things to do is to sit near calm waters and watch ducks. When we lived in Hawaii I liked to walk out to the pier at dusk and watch the fish swimming into the shallow waters. Sometimes I would walk to the bench and stare out at the vast ocean to rest my central nervous system and just feel the ocean with my heart and call the spirit of the ocean to wash all my sorrows away.

When I moved to Ashland, Oregon I would go to the creek and do the same. Often I would sit and watch bugs climb on leaves or witness a squirrel or some kind of other animal. The sensation of being in nature heals the heart and allows you to shift things and sort things out in your emotional system. I would sit for hours and hours just resting and letting myself be there until I felt better.

I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t leave until I felt the sigh of relief come. This is where I did the most deep work within myself, alone in nature connecting to the spirits of the land and the sky.

Resting your hand on your chest and the other hand on your tummy helps you drop into to your bodily awareness. Say to yourself ‘I am here now.” Allow yourself to be fully present. Don’t take your phone or any technology. Just be in the soft feminine space of nature.

Feel into the hopes and dreams of your youth. Ask yourself questions to explore what matters to you...not to anyone else. Unwind the thoughts of taking care of anyone else but you.

How often are we thinking about everyone else? Let this time be for you and you alone. Take personal inventory of what you care about, what you desire and what you need. It is in these moments that the confusion goes away and clarity comes bringing with it a sense of direction and dedication to yourself.

When we take care of ourselves first then and only then can we truly give to others. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. It is vital that you learn to deepen into self love and nurture the essence of self kindness and self respect for yourself.