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My Mission

Sharing what comes to me “Beyond the Veils” ... may not always be easy, but I stand strong a messenger!

I’m on a mission to hold certain Keys and Codes and to unlock doors within the unconscious. I am here to guard certain portals. I have been activated! I am living my mission! I don’t listen to main stream programming. I listen to spirit guidance.

My work is to educate, inspire and motivate! I am an Aquarius and a catalyst for growth and change.

Life is a journey not a destination!

Everyday I pray for the sky, the water and the food!

I believe we must protect the children. We must stand up for ours lives and hold our birth rights as sacred!

My primary teachings come from Womb Centricity.

The one thing all humans have in common is that we all are birthed from a Mother!

It is through a re-collection of ancient knowledge through dream and right brain imagery that we will regain access to First Medicine.

it is through the women’s medicine and right brain dream time spaciousnesss that we will re-unify with our ancient roots.

We must honor the Elder Women and celebrate the threshold ceremonies! We must begin to the-instate the re-membering o these ceremonies and cherish the elder wisdom.


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