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Out of touch

Having a discerning heart means knowing how to dicifer what is right and wrong and also being able to choose between a good thing and the best thing!

The late Billy Graham wrote:

In today’s American lingo, we often hear phrases like these thrown around:

Be true to yourself.

Go with your gut instinct.

Listen to your heart.

Do what feels right.

These phrases might sound inspirational, but do you notice something that each of these examples of phrases have in common? They are all man-centered; all about “you” and/or “me.” There is no mention of seeking the Lord’s opinion on life’s matters.

Be careful not to base your rationale on cultural clichés, such as those mentioned above. It is crucial that we guard our hearts. In today’s culture, we are subject to deception and false teaching. The only real way to spot deception is to first know truth.

I love this persepctive because it is difinitive. When truth becomes ingrained in our hearts and in our thought patterns, we can then live a life of discernment.

“The discipline of discernment demands a listening heart and a willingness to trust the deep inner call of Mystery.” Mary Agustus

Listening, purifying and distilatipn is important to enact a discerning heart. But it is not to say we let down the mind and flow directly into grace.

In “the old days” it was commonly known that a Mother’s discipline is just as important as a Fathers because perhaps one was more stern than the other. In some cultures the Mother or Grandmother was the primary disciplinarian. This discipline was a foundation in tolearnin to “doing what is right,” acting appropriately and behaving respectfully.

Today we are missing discipline and thus missing appropriate behavior.

It seems today we are missing pieces to the puzzle. We are missing good reason and decision making skills. Passivity is perpetuating persistent problems.

Without justice anything is permissable whether in darkness or light. And no good deed would go unpunished because wrong doing would have no correction. We see this with children being left alone with technology for hours and hours in a day.

What good can be learned from sponge Bob Square Pants or the other deplorable programming in our society?

As a society we seem to lack any kind of wisdom and intilectual stimulation that would promote sustainable and long term propencity to do what is right, following natural law. I would propose the reason is because we are primarily working from the reptilian brain continually and unconsciously!

We are loosing any good formidable education, inspiration and motivation to live moraly and just lives. Where are we gaining our intilect from? Over sexualized starlettes and vulgar, disrespectful thugs? Social media? Computer games?

It seems we have lost our way to wisdom theregore we have lost our way. “The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning.”

Likewise it seems we have lost the desire and the ability for self awareness and self repsonsibility! Hedanism rules.

I wonder why people feel so out of touch and off their ultinate purpose? When I feel good I am feeling high vibrationally... I am feeling consolation and on purpose. When I feel yucky and low vibrationally I am feeling desolation and I feel lack of purpose.

Technology and lack of human contact will not create natural feelings of pleasure. Artificial inteligence is just that artificial. In a world run by consumption and corruption those of us who have a conscious and are AWAKE must rise all the more and speak to truth. We must be vigilant.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

May we awaken fully to ourselves and the authority and power to think for ourselves and to discern dissonance and cognative disfunction!


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