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Period Head

Every woman has felt "that" feeling, on some level. "Hello, Period Head!"

Often unaware, when your cycle is coming, the crown engages the Moon's energy. Without much awareness, you can feel it, if you tune in. Every month, when the moon wanes (or waxes)... the body engages. "Hello, Period Head!"

Metaphysically, the crown opens to the gentle pull of the natural, feminine 28 day cycle. The "light" moves through the top of the head, down the left side, all the way to the feet. Often we feel pain or tingling as the sensation moves through us. "Hello, Period Head!"

Cycle charting gives more awareness to the ever flowing, feminine energy that freely moves, as we, "cycle with the moon!" Witnessing the innate nature of our connection to the intimate wisdom of that which we are, is perhaps the most powerful of magik of all.

Many women have grown accustom to taking a pain reliever, such as Advil, as not to feel these sensations. My suggestion? Feeeeel it! Engage it fully! Create an alter outside and prepare to pray! (Send me a PM to discuss how to do this!)

Begin to access the power of your body and the ancient medicine of, "She who sheds the skin within." Drape yourself in all your glory before the ancient serpent living within your womb and develop a keen knowing of this potent power! You are in a deep connection with the Divine Feminine Mystery, as you allow your body to pour forth, "first medicine!"

Do not run and hide! Instead engage it! Step forward and present yourself to the unfurling of this energy within you! Allow for your body to do what is is going to do. Witness the crown open to this intelligence and move throughout your body.

Notice the sensations. Be with it. Hold yourself in gentleness. Allow for the medicine, of this time, to begin to teach you. Open to the majesty that you are! "Hello, period Head!"

photo credit:

“Spring Woman” © Ewel 32


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