Priestess: a woman

Woman authorized to perform the sacred rites.

Woman regarded as a leader.

A female leader who resists oppression.

The wyrd, having the power to control fate. "weird Sisters" Norse.


Staff Woman.

One who sits out on the land.

Preordains by decree of fate.

Female Fates or Fay. Connected to the Spirits of the Mound, Celtic, Chaelich

Ability to amplify or empower.

Supernatural or portentous, weird and wonderful.

Helps process things to come to pass.

Beyond law.

Political rebel.

To defy logic, seeing beyond what is viewed or considered "normal."

A woman who worships the earth and the stars and cries to the water.

A female who seeks the ancestors help.

"Women Who Go by Night with the Goddess"

Wyrd, weaver of destiny, "mystery-singers," ancestor veneration, herb-chanters -- €”and sexual politics/

“witch” signify wise-woman, prophetess, diviner, healer, and dreamer.

Scandinavian völur ("staff-women") held oracular ceremonies with incantations, and "sitting-out" on the land for wisdom.

Goddess veneration and female spiritual leadership.

Swa wiccan taeca∂° ::: "€œas the witches teach"€ ... So an Old English scribe let us know that witches counseled the people to "bring their offerings to earth-fast stone, and also to trees and to wellsprings."

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a 4,400-year-old tomb near Cairo that contains rare wall paintings and is believed to belong to a high-ranking Egyptian priestess.

The tattered remains of an ancient priestess in a 2,500-year-old Egyptian coffin that was long thought to be empty.

Spanish: sacerdotisa - feminine

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