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Wombyn Remembered

You are a womb carrier, if you were a born a woman!

Carried in the biological information of our DNA, is a vast universe of intelligence, that we have yet to fully grasp. Did you know that mitochondria, the batteries or energy blocks of our cells, have their own DNA? It is true. Mitochondria have their own DNA separate from nuclear DNA.

The Mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA is passed down only in the Mother lineage. Why is this important? Because the body of the feminine carries the energy of the cells to the baby and it is passed down from mothers to both sons and daughters, but sons cannot pass along their mothers' mtDNA to their children. This is because mtDNA is transmitted through the female egg. Unlike nuclear DNA, which comes from both parents, mitochondrial DNA comes only from the mother.

Thus Mitochondrial- biological information is carried through the Mother lineage.

“Maternal inheritance,” occurs in humans and most multicellular organisms. Maternal inheritance is what allows genetic testing services like, 23andMe, to trace our maternal ancestry. You inherited your mitochondrial DNA from your mother, who inherited hers from her mother and so forth.

Let me impress upon the importance of this information. Let it really sink in. Envision Russian dolls…. this is the word picture of what the Mother lineage IS, in actuality. Women create life and within their bodies is the universal wisdom. When we tune in to the grand mechanism that is Woman we tap into keys and codes from “first woman.” Some refer to Her as the Mitochondrial Eve, a woman from whom all living humans inherited their mitochondrial DNA.

Through the knowledge of mtDNA we can come to know and understand the sacredness of what the feminine carries. The masculine, though very wonderful, does not possess the “medicine” of the feminine. The masculine does not have the ability to carry another human in his body, nor the ability to give life. It is only through the wombs of women that humans come forth.

I feel the incredible importance and potency, to hold to these truths as deeply sacred. Men cannot and will never hold this medicine. Though, it seems, there is an ever present agenda to co-opt this wisdom that has been carried throughout time, the feminine is the holder of this power. We are the singularity when it comes to life bearing and life giving. All beings come from the womb. It is the one truth that cannot be taken from us. We must hold this and consecrate this sacredness as the divine feminine truth.

Listening is perhaps the greatest “spiritual practice.” In ceremony, an elder impressed upon me to “learn to listen and listen to learn.” I have found this wisdom to be my greatest lesson; to listen to the wisdom of the body and to my womb.

Womb: the organ in the lower body of a woman or female mammal where offspring are conceived and in which they gestate before birth; the uterus.

Womb: (uterus) is a hollow, pear-shaped organ located in a woman's lower abdomen between the bladder and the rectum. The narrow, lower portion of the uterus is the cervix; the broader, upper part is the corpus. The corpus is made up of two layers of tissue. In women of childbearing age, the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) goes through a series of monthly changes known as the menstrual cycle.

Each month, endometrial tissue grows and thickens in preparation to receive a fertilized egg. Menstruation occurs when this tissue is not used, disintegrates, and passes out through the vagina. The outer layer of the corpus (myometrium) is muscular tissue that expands during pregnancy to hold the growing fetus and contracts during labor to deliver the child.

The endometrium is the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus (the womb). It is the tissue that is shed each month when women menstruate.

This tissue is our connection to ancient serpent medicine! Woman is deeply intertwined with the shedding process, just as a snake is cyclical, so is a female. This delineation of female reproductive energy is what also brings forth life!

Estrogen causes the lining to grow and thicken to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur, estrogen and progesterone levels decrease. The decrease in progesterone triggers menstruation, or shedding of the lining. Once the lining is completely shed, a new menstrual cycle begins.

The endometrium is the tissue lining the inner cavity of the uterus (or womb). The uterus, a hollow organ about the size and shape of a pear, is found in a woman's pelvic region and is the organ where the fetus grows until birth. The upper part of the uterus is called the corpus; the lower, narrower part of the uterus is called the cervix. The cervix is the opening between the uterus and the vagina. The outer layer of the uterus is called the myometrium. The myometrium is thick and composed of strong muscles. These muscles contract during labor to push out the baby.

In developed countries, uterine cancer is the most common cancer of the female genital tract. In the United States, uterine cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women. Uterine cancer occurs in women of reproductive age and older. About one-quarter of cases occur before menopause, but the disease is most often diagnosed in women in their 50s or 60s. Why do you think this is? In dream space, I have been shown that it is because we stop our natural flow, causing the body to hold the tissue and blood from freely moving down and out. What is this telling the body unconsciously?

Feminine hygiene products, that we put inside our bodies or near our sensitive reproductive areas, are full of bleach and chemicals causing much difficulty for women. The unconscious programming of this patriarchal industry has caused great distress in the feminine collective.

As a Maiden, you’re cycle begins when you begin bleeding. You join the Womb carrier’s as “She who bleeds with the Moon!” As an elder, when you stop bleeding, you become “She who holds Her blood!”

As wombyn get older they shed over and over again connecting to the ancient cycles of She... whether she is aware of it or not. When a wombyn begins to miss a cycle she begins the road to Eldership. When a wombyn does not bleed for a whole year (13 Moons) then crosses over the threshold of the next Moon, She becomes a “Woman of the 14th Moon!”

The honoring of these “thresholds ceremonies” has been forgotten. We see these kinds of ceremonies as faux-paux in our culture. We are not supposed to talk about or see the blood... its taboo. There are so many odd stigmas to our bleeding cycle.

“Mooning” is perhaps the greatest mystery of being a woman! Over the hundreds and even thousands of years, as women’s power diminished, and we have forgotten the power of woman and because of this forgetting we suffer from disconnection.

After much study and right brain, dream time and ceremonial acceptance of these teachings, I feel strongly that over the centuries women have disconnected their Mother lineage from the Earth! But how is this possible? When a woman is connected to Her cycle she knows when it will arrive. She tracks it. She feels it. She prepares for it. What if She celebrated it? What if she rejoiced at the many messages of her body’s sensations...the rush of crown energy and the lower back pain, tender breasts, tiredness... the preparation signals to begin to soften into rest and dream time.... these signs that would allow her blood to come and to re unify her biological information directly with Mother Earth? What would that look like?

Her womb would be tender and then the visible signs of red would come, showing her the endometrial skin was shedding from her womb. She, then, could take her sacred fluid outside to a flower garden or private area in nature to connect, re-member and re-unify with Her Mother lineage, to the planet, once again!

Just think, how many hundreds of years has it been since your Mother lineage has been offered to the planet? How long has it been since your ancestral biological information has been given in ceremonial connection to the Earth? How many moons has it been since your Mother lineage and mitochondrial DNA has been given to soil of the Earth Mother, Terra, Gaia?

Know this. When you re-member and re-connect you are fulfilling prophecy! You can re-unite your ancestral mtDNA with the Great Mother to become, “Wombyn Remembered!”


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