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Some ideas about the Feminine

It is said that most men prefer feminine women, which can often be a challenge because it involves the idea of a woman being submissive. In our society women have been "trained" to do as a man says.

I read an article that said, many women have not had the luxury of being "girly" they have had to be strong to be respected and that means, being bitchy! Setting boundaries is a way of caring for yourself! By not setting boundaries the average woman has allowed people to take advantage of her. A lot of women report feeling victimized by the masculine and the masculine system.

A women can set firm boundaries and still be in her feminine. “No, I will not allow this to happen. No, I will not accept this.” A women must be willing to state her boundaries in a sentence, "No!"... No is a sentence!

Somehow, even in the context of femininity, a woman is seen as "drawing" upon her masculine energy to say, “No, you don’t treat me this way!" "No, you don’t do this!" "No, that’s overstepping the boundaries.”

More and more there is a feminine influence that one must be somehow less direct to be "in" her Feminine, as if she must speak in some regality of a self important projection that she is above others. This isn't so.

The priority needs to be to get clear about what femininity is! Come up with a clear, practical definition of femininity. It’s not esoteric. It’s not philosophical. It’s not poetical. It’s applicable. It's powerful. Feminine women can be very clear with words that are very clear and a demeanor that is strong, and still be feminine. A woman ought not be fearful of being strong. She ought to stand in her strengths.

We've all heard the saying, 'No, means No!" You don't need to explain yourself.

My suggestion is to stand in your feminine nature perhaps for one reason alone: seek and fulfill your potential so you can be authentic to yourself, so that you can truly feel happy and satisfied with who you are. Stand in your true alignment with your values, with your purpose, with your temperament, with the very reason that you’re here on this earth. KNOW YOURSELF! Know what you like and what you don't. What you'll allow and what you wont. Period!

You do not have to soften and make long poetic sentences so others are comfortable with your reason you're not participating.

Your boundaries can be firm and that doesn't make you a bitch. Do it for yourself. You’re not doing it to win a man. You’re not looking for a man to control you. You’re not looking for a man to demean you. You’re looking for a man to honor, respect you, love you and meet you at a heart level.

I heard someone flexing their soft boundaries as the way of the feminine. It's seemingly popular to share how hard boundaries are not feminine.

Let's be clear you don’t have to fulfill old traditional gender roles making yourself second. Be willing to walk away from anyone that doesn’t treat you well, that applies to every relationship really.

A woman who is feminine and respects herself and honors her femininity will naturally attract men (people) who also honor and respect her and her femininity. “We teach other people how to treat us.” Placing a boundary in saying, “This is how I want to be treated. This is how I will be treated. I don’t want to be treated any other way.”

Respect yourself. Embrace your femininity. Express your femininity and love your authentic self!


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