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Women’s Medicine

Many women turn to men for their teachings. I see this often. Men teaching women. Or women going to be taught by a man. Attending men’s ceremonies. But not connecting to women’s rituals.

It is vital for women to teach women! Why? Because a woman needs to learn women’s medicine from a woman.

Women, it is time to truly tune in to what it is to be a woman. Strong, Fierce, Loving, Caring, Sensitive, Intuitive, and Powerful!

It is time to learn to connect to your body and your cycle, to listen to your nervous system and to cycle with the Moon in rhythm with your inner tides. This does not have to be a taboo subject. It can be and IS very inspiring, wonderfully healing and beautiful.

It is time to learn that women are much different than men. What women carry innately is deeply sacred! Men do not carry what women do inside their bodies.

A young girl recently shared in a social media post, “I really don’t see what makes women so different then men!” This is a travesty that the education we have received would have us shut down our innate nature and act like a man when clearly there is a time to pause....

It is time to learn the importance of self nurturance and self care. We need to stop and rest and pray in rhythm with our Moon time. We need to nurture our gentle tissues. We need to care for and nourish ourselves in accordance to what our bodies need.

Women need to learn purification ceremonies of body and mind through connecting to the Womb, the Belly, The Heart, The Voice, The Sight, and the Crown!

Women need to hear from other women what they are going through. We have much to clear in the conscious and unconscious field.

How about learning some songs....some women’s songs? And women’s ways.... not the medicine taught by men. Not the concepts passed down by men. Not the ideas of who women are by men. Not some illusion of what a woman is... but REAL women sharing!!!

Self Care Rituals

Affirming Practices

Tuning into the Moon

Love letters to Yourself

Nurturing your Womb

Connecting to your Will

Desires of the Heart

Opening to Knowing


Breath and Body

Passion of Purpose

Bearing & Birthing a Child

Midwifing the Veils of Life & Death

Connecting to women’s rituals is more vital today that it was even a few years ago. The world is changing quickly before our eyes! It is time to return to Women's Wisdom.


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